The real Invisible Man

Not to take anything away from Ralph Ellison’s version, however there’s a big difference between black people, who are accepted by the mainstream as being “invisible”, and poor people, who are not accepted by the mainstream at all, and thus are truly invisible. Look at it this way: Ralph Ellison was not invisible when he said “black people are invisible”. Noone has ever heard “poor people are invisible” because they don’t accept the implications of the words. It’s kind of like when people eagerly tell me a secret. Fools – it’s not a secret if you tell someone, therefore it’s not a secret you’re telling me. Kind of like black people are “invisible” while poor people are invisible.

It’s curious that most people don’t know, much less care, that 20,000 people (worldwide) die every day from hunger-related issues, yet when 33 affluent college kids are killed in a day in Virginia everyone is so sad at this tragic event. Several years after the tragedy of 9/11 it’s still foremost in the minds of many Americans, yet every day seven times the number of people who died in that event die and even combined all of those deaths since 9/11 don’t make up even a fraction of the concern for the 9/11 victims. I’ll only briefly mention that dying of hunger is worse than dying in an immediate fiery blast, not that either is acceptable.

The truth is that American society is far more corrupt than anyone, even I, understand. It’s no wonder that so many terrible tragedies occur in the world when more care is given to 33 people than to 20,000, that more is given to 3,000 people than to 44 million.

One person says “How precious is an American life”. I say “How irrelevant you believe every other life to be”.

When the television talks about the “standard of living” it is being quite direct. That is to say, human value is measured by that human’s wealth. A human with $100,000 is worth 10 times a human with $10,000. His “standard”, you see, is 10 times higher.

Which do Americans care more about, the two thousand black Hurricane Katrina victims or the 15 million victims of hunger since Hurricane Katrina? And sure, Americans care more about 1 white person than about 2,000 black people, but let’s keep things in perspective. Blacks are not on the bottom of the social totem pole.

What does America talk more about, the problem of Racism or the vastly more devastating problem of Classism? The two problems are related, but they are not the same.

You’d think black people, of all people, would know this. And on some level they do – that’s why so many black people want to “make it”, whereby “make it” they mean become wealthy and stop being invisible. Yet they never call out against Classism, in fact they embrace it, they live it, it’s what every ambitious pimp and drug dealer and thug are about (it’s how America defines ambition), it’s why the evils of Classism go on. The greatest victims, that is to say the greatest proponents, of Classism are found in the ghettos (both white and black) as well as the corporate boardrooms.

Racism is not the primary issue for black people, or for any people. Destroy Classism, the real enemy, and Racism falls away with it.

Speak against Classism, and you’ll know what it is to be invisible. Just don’t expect to be able to write an award-winning book about it. Who can give an award to an invisible man for writing an invisible book? Only, perhaps, a fellow invisible man, who can give an invisible award. Then when you talk about invisible awards suddenly you become visible, insofar as you become enslaved in a “mental hospital”. Kind of like black people are invisible until they are imprisoned. Afterwards seeing them no longer matters, because the key to putting them in your line of vision is thrown away.

All it really takes to disprove the existence of God is to analyze humanity – obviously humanity is not created in the image of some noble creature.


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