The American Silence continues

Beginning in the early 1990s and mostly occurring in the late ’90s to present, I’ve asked many people to debate me. None have accepted. The total asked is around a dozen. At first this really bothered me, since to me debating is kind of like breathing. A world without debate is zombie-esque. To be fair, some people do debate me, but never in a formally acknowledged debate setting. Only by stealth-debate do they debate. Mention the word “debate” and they flee.

This has gotten much worse in recent years. There’s a kind of pall over any kind of thinking – it’s as if people look to some authority or another for their position, which they can parrot effectively but never understand in depth. It’s almost as if Americans are afraid of thought itself. This is curious because these same Americans sometimes acknowledge the fascism in America, which would seem to make them especially eager to debate and establish a democratic pattern of behavior.

I sure hope America starts to debate soon, before it’s too late.


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