Blackwater – it’s barely relevant whether they were provoked

The Bloody Sunday incident in Iraq with Blackwater features something interesting – the supposed critics of Blackwater keep arguing about whether or not the killings were “provoked”. Apparently if the killings were provoked they are just fine.

Interesting – so if I am provoked do I get to kill a dozen or two dozen people?

What is revealed here is that the critics of Blackwater, including people on the dissident left in America, don’t care about Iraqi lives but rather about procedural improprieties of Blackwater. Why isn’t the left saying that Blackwater itself, the mercenaries hired by the US government, is wrong and unjustified, and whether they were provoked or not is beside the point?

This same dissident left is calling for the pullout of American troops in Iraq in order to “support the troops”. That’s true, preventing more soldiers dying in Iraq is the best way to support the troops. But for every dead American soldier there are dozens of dead Iraqis, and that pulling American troops out of Iraq will in the medium and long term severely reduce Iraqi casualties is rarely mentioned, despite the fact that saving dozens of Iraqi lives is far more valuable than saving one American life.

We need a real dissident left in America, not these fucking jokers.


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