Pornography as the Destruction of Masculinity

Masculinity is a threat to every oppressive system. In every fascist state masculinity is the first victim.

The method of pornography is to decontextualize sex. Pornography is about sexual imagery and removing all emotional reality. It’s an expression of sexual poverty.

Reality is not so much about what is there as what is not there. In pornography yet another close up is shown of yet another penis entering yet another vagina. That these parts are attached to humans is barely relevant. That pornography more often shows a woman’s vagina than her face says a lot.

Pornography reduces sex to it’s barest physical components. Gone is love. Gone is exploration. Gone is lust. Gone is passion. Gone is reality, replaced by sex as a base universal.

In every fascist system poverty is created, because an impoverished human is easily controlled. The best things to control are the bare basics of human existence – shelter, food, dignity, sex. Once sex is rendered pornographic in the minds of the victims they become sexually impoverished, regardless of the amount of sex they have. The more sex they have the worse the impoverishment, because they get more and more desperate, more and more confused about why the sex isn’t working for them, isn’t helping.

In puritan culture which features sexual repression, of the four basic control elements sex is by far the best to use, since it confuses the victim and the elite is sure the victim will not ask for help, unlike their response to poverty of any of the other basic types.


9 Responses to “Pornography as the Destruction of Masculinity”

  1. rahul Says:

    100% agree with this article.
    but peole blame men in a society for all this, “men in a society are manifestation of the aspiration of its women”.
    Really want to change men in a society?
    change the aspirations of its women because “women make men”

  2. briankoontz Says:

    This belief is a problem, because its assumption is that men are slaves of women. I hardly think that women would aspire to have man-slaves.

    I think this belief is a big part of the decline in masculinity. Somehow American society has gotten the idea that femininity is superior to masculinity, and concurrently has gotten the idea that a kind of power-hungry greed-driven super-sexual (or asexual) approach (which itself is confused for masculinity) is superior to either. This has had a very negative effect on femininity and even more so on masculinity.

    America needs to have a non-transgressive non-puritan non-coy debate about sexuality and all aspects therein, especially the emotions.

  3. mad dog Says:

    Agreed with your comments, Brian. I absolutely loathe the demonization of masculinity. What this movement is is really a perversion of the feminist movement that started in the 1960’s-1970’s. After a while, it became more about female superiority rather than female liberation. There are women out there who literally say that all men are pigs. I find that to be quite a prejudiced statement, as equally prejudiced as some guy who says that all women should stay at home and cook.

  4. michelle Says:

    um, the purtitans were’nt sexually repressive, at least not as much so as the victorians a century later. the only day sex wasn’t allowed was on the sabbath, and a woman could even divorce her husband if he couldn’t get it up.

    learn your history before you write about it.


  5. briankoontz Says:

    Repressive doesn’t mean “disallows sex”. That would be sexually annihilative. Any religion that disallowed sex would be short-lived.

    The puritans in America had very strict views on sexual morality. A good definition for “repressive” might be “unnecessarily limiting”.

  6. jjrock Says:

    americans have all these concept because its a women ruled country.the same is the case in alll western did woman acquire so much power in western society?its because of their feminized religion called christianity!feminists misinterpret bible and claim women are allowed to teach men in churches and they are more closer to god and more spiritualy superior.thus slowly but surely woman assumed a more godly status than men.and thus men started to admit their know more about the basic scriptural erring of feminists visit your society comes out of the feminist myth created by us nonchristian in the east,then and only then you will become true to whom u believe in.

  7. jjrock Says:

    the usual verse choosen by feminist to misinterpret bible is in genesis were god curses the serpent that u and women will be enemies.and her descendent will destroy ur descendent.feminist claim that women here menes all women.another women ruled group called catholics claim its mary!but what is the truth.we no it cant be mary or any women .because its the holyspirit who gave birth to jesus.its the holyspirit who has the power to be enemy with satan,not earthly women whom we often find in freindship whith satan.holy spirit is the divine feminine and mother of jesus whom everybody ought to worship!to know more about this visit

  8. jjrock Says:

    thanks brian 4 setting an avenue to express our views.

  9. Paul Hakel Says:

    Additionally, assuming that a man loses semen while viewing pornography, man’s vital energy is dissipated – try lifting anything heavy after sex. Why did they tell athletes (who were previously all men) to abstain from sex before competing? Semen is strength and physically necessary for performing feats of strength. Sex, being a sacrifice of life to create life, habitually weakens a person when engaged in long-term.

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