From “Confessions of an Economic Hit Man” by John Perkins

Page xxi:

“We seldom resort to anything illegal because the system itself is built on subterfuge, and the system is by definition legitimate.”

According to American society only people can be criminals. When will we see that American society is the real criminal?

Per Stephen Colbert: “The bible is true, and we know this because the bible tells us so”.

Who’s telling us American society is legitimate besides the elite who profit from it? I suspect in a global vote of the legitimacy of the American government over 90% would vote to end the American government, including most of the people in the United States. Hence if the world was democratic there would be no American government (at least nothing that resembles in any way the current one). I guess that’s why the elite tell us the US government is legitimate.

When will the system be put on trial?

Another quote, from Page 16:

“Claudine and I openly discussed the deceptive nature of GNP. For instance the growth of GNP may result even when it profits only one person, such as an individual who owns a utility company, and even if the majority of the population is burdened with debt. The rich get richer and the poor grow poorer. Yet, from a statistical standpoint, this is recorded as economic progress.”

From Page 18:

“The decisive moment occurred in 1951, when Iran rebelled against a British oil company that was exploiting Iranian natural resources and its people. The company was the forerunner of British Petroleum, today’s BP. In response, the highly popular, democratically elected Iranian prime minister (and TIME magazine’s Man of the Year in 1951), Mohammad Mossadegh, nationalized all Iranian petroleum assets. An outraged England sought the help of her World War II ally, the United States. However, both countries feared that military retaliation would provoke the Soviet Union into taking action on behalf of Iran.
Instead of sending in the Marines, therefore, Washington dispatched CIA agent Kermit Roosevelt (Theodore’s grandson). He performed brilliantly, winning people over through payoffs and threats. He then enlisted them to organize a series of street riots and violent demonstrations, which created the impression that Mossadegh was both unpopular and inept. In the end, Mossadegh went down, and he spent the rest of his life under house arrest. The pro-American Mohammad Reza Shah became the unchallenged dictator. Kermit Roosevelt had set the stage for a new profession, the one whose ranks I was joining.”


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