A Life of Rationality – the Communication of Fear

Communicating fear is what gets me called evil and shunned by pretty much everybody.

We live in a time of a fear so vast that people cannot express it. Only after World War II, when nuclear holocaust became a constant threat, does everyone smile. Now everyone is happy, or should I say “happy”. This “happiness” began in America, and radiated outward (as you might expect, Europe caught on next, and Japan). Before World War II people smiled much less often – you can verify this by studying old pictures of Americans. There are parts of the world where the people still don’t often smile – they are called “uncivilized” by the apparently “civilized” people who are so fearful of modern life that they suppress it.

While most humans place happiness on their surface and despair below the surface, for me it’s just the opposite. Because I communicate despair and great fear people believe I’m encouraging them to despair and be fearful – little do they know that I already know they are despairing and fearful. What I’m encouraging them to do is to bring despair and fear to their surface, to express it, to communicate it.

My approach is not only outside the mainstream, it’s outside the appreciation of all but a very small number of people I’ve met, and none of those people really had an understanding of what I was doing (they just had a kind of sense of comraderie).

Try to understand what it’s like to have to decide when you meet a person whether you’re going to help them and be shunned by them or leave them to their surface “happiness” and inner despair and be welcomed by them. That’s the choice I am met with every day – and people then wonder why I seem to not like people sometimes.

What humans really hate about me is that I poke and prod and recognize and bring to light things about their own emotions that they would rather not deal with – they worry that the fear will consume them.

I’m nothing special, and the fear that I live with constantly does not consume me. There is no need to smile. There is no need to be “happy”. It’s precisely because I communicate fear that I live a life of hope and happiness. That is to say, it’s precisely because I don’t live a life of fake happiness that I can live a life of real happiness.

But every time a human shuns me, it causes me greater despair. Because by shunning me they are rejecting hope, they are rejecting the bringing to their surface all of their fear and unhappiness.

Humans have no idea how much trouble they are in. They have no idea what tremendous damage they are doing to themselves and to society by this fake happiness, this constant smiling. Take a look at George W. Bush to see the future of America – the future of a society so self-deluded, so invested in the concept that they must be happy at all costs and for any reason that they lose all concept of Rationality and true reality.

I hope that on my gravestone it can be written that I taught the world how to frown. But perhaps, if the rest of my life is any indication, my gravestone too will be shunned.

Stop taking your happy pills, America.


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