Reply to mad dog in “Understanding Brian Koontz”

I judge intentions from controlled outcomes. So if someone puts a gun to my head and shoots, I assume he’s trying to kill me. If someone has control over society and creates an Authoritarian government, I assume they are trying to create that. Any other assumption seems to me to be quite illogical. The main difficulty is in determining who exactly is in control, to assign which effects to which people/ideologies/institutions/movements. Once that is done the analysis is usually easy.

It’s funny that Americans who are so jaded about their own government can be so trusting of others. Just because the American elite are the world masters of propaganda doesn’t mean they hold a monopoly on it’s use.

The only movements that I trust are those that refuse to take power, those that empower the people, those that enable the people to take power.

Chomsky’s famous phrase can be made more accurate with this version:

“Never trust *any* State”.


It looks like the WordPress problem where replies cannot be made is time-specific – it always seems to happen to me between 12 Noon and 1 PM Eastern Time.


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