How America loves violence

One reason is as a legacy of imperial expansion concerning the extermination of the indigenous population. However, I see that as itself a mere application of the underlying issues.

In America everyone is self-righteous. Every American sees himself as “good”. Jostle someone off-balance in a crowded area and you often get an angry response, as if the jostling was a personal affront. To Americans I guess it is. Americans act as if there is no solidarity, and they therefore have to constantly defend themselves against an aggressive or at least uncaring world. Ironically, this process and pre-consideration *creates* an aggressive and uncaring world.

There is tremendous insecurity in Americans. They act as if tomorrow they could wake up to a shattered life, that their destiny is entirely out of their hands. This feeds into greed, the feeling that one always has to have more more more, to secure oneself against the considerable possibility of having less, less, less. The Hoarding instinct is strong with them.

The combination of Individual Goodness and Insecurity is a fatal mix for society. While Americans inevitably believe themselves to be always good, they have no such feelings about the rest of Americans, especially ones with obvious differences from them (such as a different ethnicity). They are more than ready to interpret any action they don’t like as being *Evil*, and more than ready to show their Good selves by taking matters into their own hands. This is done for an obvious reason: they are the only ones they are *sure* are Good. Maybe the police won’t see the evil for what it really is and let them go. Maybe the police will be too lenient on them when Evil always deserves a horrible fate. Maybe a tolerant jury won’t exact the right justice. Maybe a rich lawyer will get them off, and then the Evil will return to destroy the Good (themselves). Evil is devious… maybe their hesitation in not immediately destroying the Evil will allow it to continue.

The Bible’s influence should not be neglected: American culture is steeped in religion and Christianity. God is schizophrenic, but God can certainly be vengeful, and there are no limits to the ways in which Evil is treated. Evil, one can say, brings out the Evil in God.

So they, necessarily Good Americans, need to be agents of good, agents of God. And they are honored by God when an opportunity arises, when Evil emerges, to display their Goodness and ease their insecurity regarding their morality by exterminating the Evil. Killing Evil is like taking a really good shower. Cleansed in God’s love.

Exterminating evil then serves two purposes: fulfilling the will of God and securing one’s own moral and material status. Calvinism links the moral with the material – a poor life is necessarily an immoral one.

Because the law deems all Americans non-evil (or at least to have equal rights), most Americans fear to act on their own assessment of the evil of some of their neighbors, that others will not see the evil as they do. So they take out their wishes vicariously, by watching righteous violence on television or at the movie theater. How lucky these people are, Americans think, to not have an oppressive law to stop them from fighting evil. When Americans know the law is weakly enforced, such as in the American South with respect to black people, there’s no need to applaud for violence on the movie screen and they can take on a more pleasing role. The blood can be on their hands.

It should be obvious at this point that the American culture I’m describing has no hope of solidarity. It’s a culture quite directly opposed to solidarity. Which means that before we can have socialism in America we need to transform the culture into something conducive to it.

When I was on a messageboard called Quarter to Three I was always amazed at the many stories of neighbors doing something the speaker didn’t like, but instead of talking to the neighbor about it the speaker would plot some sort of revenge, or wring their hands about what to do. It was apparent that their view of the neighbor was very negative, with some mixture of fear and antipathy, perhaps hatred for this bad person, Evil person. They considered talking a kind of quaint notion which only served to display their own ignorance regarding evil and their weakness at displaying this ignorance would just make the evil person more aggressive.

God bless America. That is to say, God, you’d better fucking bless America to try to make up for all the shit you’ve caused it.


12 Responses to “How America loves violence”

  1. mad dog Says:

    The entire fucking world loves violence. Have you ever watched any international soccer game? And guess where Americans came from? The rest of the world.

  2. briankoontz Says:

    Most soccer violence occurs in Europe. That’s where America came from (or at least it’s culture), not so much “the rest of the world”.

    The vast majority of the world hates violence. The people who most enjoy violence are those who order other people to commit it, like our “leaders” in Washington. Dick Cheney loves violence, as his hunting friend almost fatally discovered and many Iraqis fatally discovered.

    There might be no war in a democratic world. It’s amazing when I think of all the people who wring their hands over how to end war, when democracy may be all that’s needed.

  3. mad dog Says:

    “The vast majority of the world hates violence.”

    You’ve obviously never heard of a place called ‘Africa’. It’s also pretty obvious that you have not heard of a place called ‘The Middle East’. Also, look up this place called ‘China’.

  4. mad dog Says:

    “There might be no war in a democratic world. It’s amazing when I think of all the people who wring their hands over how to end war, when democracy may be all that’s needed.”

    Yeah, just look at how wonderful Lebanon is.

  5. briankoontz Says:

    The vast majority of the world hates violence, but the vast majority of the world doesn’t control the militaries of the world, hence the problem.

    Once democracy and international law are fully executed, world violence will be minimized in the same sense that intra-country violence is minimized.

  6. briankoontz Says:

    Also – the 20th century in the West has been marked by non-physical violence – behavior control, mind control. People need to recognize that that is still violence… *any* imposition of the will against the will of the recipient is violence.

    That’s the core of democracy – zero external imposition of the will. In other words, zero violence.

  7. mad dog Says:

    “Also – the 20th century in the West has been marked by non-physical violence – behavior control, mind control. People need to recognize that that is still violence… *any* imposition of the will against the will of the recipient is violence.”

    When you get into the ambiguous definitions of certain key words, such as ‘violence’, you make its meaning less clear, going so far as to take away the power of that word. The word is overused, and has less meaning. It becomes ordinary, therefore, less shocking. Save the word violence for literal physical violence, and you will be more clear.

    Besides, there is no dictionary that defines violence as you do. Another problem with redefining words is that people will not know what you are talking about. The ‘behavior control/mind control’ that you speak of is really COERCION. Coercion is a derivative of violence, but it is not violence itself.

  8. briankoontz Says:

    Coercion is violence itself. Violence is “to violate”. Violation is to enter without the supporting will of the other. The place of entry can be the body, or the mind, or the consciousness.

    By defining violence as “merely physical violence” you open the door to countless “justified” uses of violence, whether they be mass media marketing and advertising, psychological domination, legal violence, or anything else.

    Americans receive violence every day of their life. I am exposed to countless advertising against my will. My brain has been permanently altered by such material.

    Does anyone ever say that advertisers should be required to get your permission before attempting to implant their message inside your brain? Of course not – because we live in a society of psychological and emotional violence. And then Americans have the nerve to express outrage at *physical* violence, as if they are morally superior to that. Just more hypocrisy.

  9. name Says:

    yea… blame it on GOD… What does GOD have to do with it…. not only are you going to hell, but your a F**KING idiot….

  10. briankoontz Says:

    Cool. Now you’ll get into heaven for sure.

  11. paxton Says:

    Americans are required to be insecure and we do have to fight to get more because if we don’t then someone willing to fight will take your resources. America today, despite welfare and social security, is still relatively unsupportive of individuals and we therefore must make our own way. If you don’t fight for resources you will end up with less and less. Of course, a more socialist society could fix that…

  12. briankoontz Says:

    It wouldn’t even take a global socialist society to fix that – all it would take is the construction and enforcement of international law. There is little functional international law especially for military behemoths like the American state which makes domination very lucrative. Internationally, crime DOES pay for the most powerful criminals and whatever lower-level allies they hold. The answer then is to construct a reality such that it doesn’t pay – either global socialism or effective and just international law (law constructed by the world body, not dominated by the most powerful actors) would achieve that.

    The problem within America is that Americans are complicit in the American ruling class’s imperial domination of the world – they may claim in polls to want world peace but really they want world domination, with themselves at the top of the hierarchy. We’ll know when they no longer want that when they stop going to shopping malls and gorging on fatty foods.

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