Welcome to the Monstrosity of Political Travel, Inc.


I’m pretty sure that’s not a satire, amazing at it seems. Indymedia is very earnest. I can’t find this travel agency on the internet though. Here’s a breakdown:

There’s a travel service that caters to Americans who want to rebel. So they travel to other countries and rebel by watching people demonstrating or committing civil disobedience. They talk about putting up posters and running from the police. They also talk about maintaining the safety of their group. They talk about eating from dumpsters and otherwise living the “rebel experience”.

“Trade Mind-Numbing Life For a Fiery Rebellious One”, a marketing slogan proclaims.

“Yesterday somebody got really mad at me for spray-painting on a monument on the Plaza De Mayo”, says a participant.

When I watched movies like Eurotrip where arrogant Americans went to Europe I thought they were exaggerating. Real Americans can’t be like that. Even so, didn’t movies like Eurotrip provide a learning experience for any American who would have acted like that, or are these the very Americans who are incapable of such a learning experience?

Some arrogant rich foreigner comes over and desecrates a monument. I can’t imagine why that would cause anger. How much more anger should it cause when the foreigner smiles while talking about it? How much more anger should it cause when the foreigner is still walking around the area? Can you imagine a foreigner doing that in the United States? Spray painting the Lincoln Memorial perhaps, then smiling into a camera and talking about it, then walking around talking about the rest of his trip?

The analysis practically writes itself, but I’ll mention a few obvious things:

The first – if you’re really interested in rebellion, why in the fuck aren’t you rebelling inside the United States, you stupid piece of American shit? The majority of the things you are ostensibly rebelling against originate here! Oh, but would that cause you to lose your job? Would that make your friends and family unhappy? Oh, we can’t have that!

The hypocrisy – so you have your high-paying job in the exploitative, capitalist machine of the United States, then, using the money you gained exploiting other countries, you travel to those other countries and join their rebellions. It’s…. mind-boggling.

More of the hypocrisy – so then you come back to the United States and tell your friends about your “rebellion”, how you “lived the experience”. “I ate leftover food!!”

What is this world we live in?

And we in the United States wonder why there isn’t more rebellion going on here…

“They’re real people”.

This is one of the horrors of the modern American youth: he thinks that the only real people exist outside the United States.

What, then, does he think of himself?


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