George Jackson on black problems

This is from the book “Soledad Brother”, pages 248-9.

“The effect these moves from the right have had on us is a classic textbook exercise in fascist political economy. At the instant a black head rises out of our crisis existence, it’s lopped off and hung from the highest courthouse or newspaper firm,. our predetermined response is a schizophrenic indifference, withdrawal, and an appreciation of things that do not exist. “Oh happy days. Oh happy days. Oh happy days.” Self-hypnotically induced hallucinations.
The potential black leadership looks at the pitiable condition of the black herd: the corruption, the preoccupation with irrelevance, the apparent ineptitude concerning matters of survival. He knows that were he to give the average brother an M-16, this brother wouldn’t have anything but a club for a week. He weighs this thing that he sees in the herd against the possible risks he’ll be taking at the hands of the fascist monster and he naturally decides to go for himself, feeling that he can’t help us because we are beyond help, that he may as well get something out of existence. These are the “successful Negroes,” the opposite of the “failures.” You find them on the ball courts and fields, the stage, pretending and playing children’s games. And looking for all the world just as pitiable as the so-called failures.”


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