Bringing the culture of despair to the elite

We will never see social change in this country without this – the old optimism is long dead where the idea was to appeal to empathy, or concern. There is plenty of empathy and concern, but none in the hearts of the elite that the appeal is being made to. The elite can never be appealed to on noble grounds.

Which leaves various other methods. Labor strikes (organized and implemented globally) to starve the capitalist beast and bring power to the workers. Armed revolution or assassination to kill members of the elite or to suffer them loss of power. And finally, dominating their culture.

A form of cultural domination was successfully pursued in previous decades through the rise of popular culture, displacing the old “high culture”. But now the elites have embraced popular culture, so a new culture must be put upon them.

How about the culture of “the chickens coming home to roost”? The elite kill hundreds of thousands of people in Iraq and elsewhere, so human blood should be poured on them. The elite put millions out of their homes, so their homes should be damaged or destroyed. The elite impoverish the people, so their food should be poisoned. Even if actively pursued the amount of damage and destruction caused will be a minute fraction of what the elite are causing every day in human misery.

Some people are going around the world pushing pies in the faces of the elite. That has no effect except occasionally providing some media exposure. Why should we respond to vast death and destruction with pies? And then we wonder why George Bush holds us in contempt. At least the Iraqis are responding with bullets.

It is not morally acceptable to attack humans, but it is morally imperative to attack monsters. We have a lot of work ahead of us.

The first step, as always, is organizational. An organization “of the people, by the people, and for the people”, which then drafts laws, punishments, everything. A society within the American society. Once the organization gains sufficient strength (which means it must begin in relatively unthreatening fashion) it can implement more and more of its goals.

The original Black Panther Party served as a good beginning basis for this, other than it’s Racism. As long as a similar approach is taken except with a focus on class, not race, we can succeed.

Where most of these efforts fail is with respect to lack of community support. There needs to be not only weapons to defend from the inevitable police action (it doesn’t matter whether laws are broken, the police will strike regardless, acting in their primary role as a political police) but a broad base of community support in America so that the movement will grow after large numbers of people are put in jail, killed, and/or tortured by the police. That’s the only way to win.

The secondary aspect that must be addressed is the ability to root out spies, saboteurs, and provocateurs within the ranks of the organization. There must be a degree of knowledge about the people in the organization as well as the inevitably enemies that use this approach such as the FBI so that this isn’t an issue.


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