Building the first morality for the poor

Take a close look at morality throughout history: “Make love not war”, “Love thy neighbor as thyself”, ethics, justice, truth, morality.

All of this morality is directed at the rich and the powerful. The poor do not wage war. The poor have already supported solidarity and brotherly concern. Justice is executed by judges – truth is executed by the knowledgeable, ethics by the noble – the poor and scrabbling and downtrodden and desperate meanwhile have no time for morality – all they have time for is life.

So now not only do the rich and powerful have wealth and power, they have the only morality as well. Not only do they wage war, sometimes they “make love not war” and get to be called good for it. Meanwhile, the poor man who doesn’t wage war doesn’t “make love not war” and therefore cannot be moral.

Moralists lament suffering, and thus focus their attention on those who cause it. So they give their morality to the very people they should give nothing to. Cause someone to suffer and receive a great morality… how is that not a good deal? Jesus talked to the Moneychangers… it’s therefore good to be a moneychanger. Instead of giving morality to the poor Jesus patronizingly “healed” them… he saved his intelligence for the people he should have despised.

The Quakers say “speak truth to power”. But the powerful deserve nothing, certainly not truth. That the powerful live in their bubbles spouting the propaganda that they often themselves believe… that’s the closest thing to justice that exists in the present world. The American People love to hear Cheney, and Bush, and Gonzales, and Rumsfeld spew nonsense and falsity… that they degrade themselves is the price they pay for their travesties. I say let them spew! Make them invent all-new tortured propaganda and lies! Then send them to jail for it! Then make the next ones who follow the same policies do the same thing!

Jesus says “love thy enemy”: but whenever he does that he isn’t loving his friends.

What we need is a great morality: that is to say a morality for people we don’t despise, a morality for the honest, the just, the caring, the compassionate, the often poor. We need to stop seeing them as irrelevant because they do not have power.

Jesus is the greatest Con the world has ever seen. The world needs to wake up.

The powerful do not deserve a morality in order to make them tolerable: they deserve nothing. No truth, no love, no respect, no obedience. To the people who wish to exterminate all hope from the world they should receive for themselves only what they wish for humanity.

How about following that morality?

Take a look at aspects of “democratic progress” in America… the end of slavery, the expansion of voting rights, the expansion of civil rights. Who was executing this morality?… who was changed by this morality? It is the rich and powerful… they are the ones becoming more just, more civilized, more moral, more ethical. Meanwhile the victims benefit only insofar as the master’s hand strikes them with less force, that the master’s voice becomes more persuasive and sweet and infectious instead of harsh and brutal. When will the poor receive some benefit from morality? When will the poor be changed? When will the poor receive progress?

Jesus told the rich and powerful to honor life. Obviously he did – the poor already honored life. The poor have been fighting for life for time immemorial. But only after Jesus do we have the morality of “the value of human life”.

This morality and supposed “progress” treats the poor as an object upon which the newly moral force acts. And all progress subsequently has acted in the exact same way – to benefit the powerful and ignore the non-powerful.

We need a new vision of progress – a progress for the people who all along were the ones deserving of it.

Jesus is dead.


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