How mass murder and mass abuse can bring a smile to the power elite

Take close note of the facts and how each person here relates to them – while the elite self-justify their rule as a result of being “more capable” all the elite are capable of is creating, monitoring, and maintaining the abusive system that they themselves benefit from. The truth is by necessity not known to them – nothing that threatens their system can be known to them precisely because it would present a hardship to their very mind that they suppose to be “superior” to those they impact. It’s their victims that have a clear picture of reality. It’s their victims who can handle hardship. Why do the institutions for the mentally ill not collect the elite?… they are the most deluded people in the world. Perhaps because the assumption is that anyone who makes money by definition is quite sane… rules made up by the elite themselves. It’s the poor people who are closely, intimately examined for disabilities, diseases, delusions and encouraged to have them while the poor people would very much like the elite to have a clear picture of the world. The elite resist such a clear picture just as the poor resist disease and delusion…

It’s fairly pathetic that the elite capitalist west holds themselves as the ideal which the world should aspire to. All it takes is one look at them to see why people don’t.

Remember, remember… the mental institutions hold the troubled of the world… the trouble of the world however… that gets to roam free and destroy the world. The trouble, you see… rules the troubled.

I hope… I hope… that one day I too may be able to abuse and exploit the world! What a happy day of achievement that will be! All it takes is enough “education” and “good judgment”. All it takes is enough delusion.

The elite – what smiling, happy faces… what noble aspirations! Any more “nobility” or “aspirations” and there may be no world left at all.


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