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72 Virgins

July 30, 2007

72 Virgins. Such is the number promised to Muslims (I assume just men) who go to heaven.

I can’t understand why that is not the penalty for Muslims who go to hell.

In order for one man (assuming the afterlife presents full functionality) to please 72 women, he’s going to have to spend his entire afterlife having sex with them. That might sound like paradise until exhaustion and boredom set in. It sounds like paradise to a man used to having only one (very much non-virginal) woman… he’ll quickly find that his old idea of paradise is a terrible burden.

That’s the short-term story. The long-term story is far more horrific.

First comes 72 children. Then 144. Not long after hundreds of children are born. In a way that’s good (for him)… now these women can spend happy time with their children instead of demanding sex from an overworked and exhausted man supposedly living in paradise. But if we’re going to suppose a reality in which sex exists and ejaculation exists and virgins exist then obviously food exists, and these kids need food to survive. So now these 72 women and 1 man are going to have to work for food, or scavenge heaven for food, or pray to Allah or whatever other method they can devise.

We suppose 72 virgins must be heaven because on earth 1 virgin is heaven (actually, experienced women are more heavenly, but who am I to denounce the kind of people who believe 72 more desirable?) but sometimes more is not better.

You might say, well kings throughout history have had many women, sometimes concubines, sometimes wives, depending on the culture. That proves that more is better.

Those women have been in all cases of large numbers slaves. Thus the 72 virgins would be slaves but heaven cannot possibly tolerate slavery, thus the women have sexual and material demands on the single, overworked, exhausted, man.

Perhaps he’ll pray to Allah for deliverance from that life. Perhaps he’ll invent an afterlife for the afterlife. Perhaps he’ll even invent a religion to justify his desire.

Gotta love humans.

Michael Parenti on Empire

July 30, 2007

Michael Parenti on the new Venezuela

July 30, 2007

Ray McGovern on intelligence issues

July 30, 2007

More truth about the death of Pat Tillman

July 29, 2007

A Documentary on Malcolm X

July 29, 2007

In response to Warren Spector from the thread “Warren Spector has sold out”

July 29, 2007

Okay, this is pretty funny…

Just wait and see. Wait. And See.

(I’m having way too much fun!)

And I’m only 51, wise guy–at least for another couple of months!


The internet does not seem to know in what month you were born, so I played the odds.

Does what you produce carry the Disney designation? If it does, all of the following applies. If it doesn’t, some of it still does…

Disney keeps a tight lid on anything produced through the Disney label… their label is far more important to them than any developer or his hopes for his creations. You’re never going to win any battles against them in terms of getting what you want into a game if they disapprove, but if they *don’t* disapprove of what you want to put into the game then what does that say about what you’re producing?

You talk about Disney as a “cartoon” studio – but it’s much more than that. They are producing a specific image… a kind of aspirational middle-class white-picket fence whitewashed dreamworld. Disney has it’s own *town*… Celebration, Florida. Disney is a kind of plastic utopia very much like the setting of the movie ‘The Truman Show’.

Disney Interactive focuses on extending Disney media generated from other sources – primarily movies. So they have their Chicken Little game and their Pirates of the Caribbean game, etc. Obviously this hurts originality and innovation, but the more harmful effect is that there is a constant focus on cinematics in Disney games. Big, bold, bright, oversatured color gives the Disney “look”.

Many gamers, myself included, believe the games industry should be becoming *less* cinematic, not more.

You’re probably quite happy that this takes the financial burden off of you, and allows you to develop original product as well as producing Disney product. I assume, however, that the original IP will still be subject to the Disney label and Disney’s control over the content, right?

You talk about “licensed property as a spur to innovation”. You may want to reevaluate that. Think about the best 100 videogames of all time. You know them a lot better than I do. Now of those 100, how many of them were based on existing licenses not produced by the same people making the game? Are there at least a few? Is there even one?

When you talk about “financial burden” it seems obvious that your focus is on making high-budget games. Are high-budget games even necessary? Again – that’s something gamers and the industry as a whole thinks is quite a problem, a problem you seem to embrace as needing Disney as a solution instead of just making lower-budget games. By “career goal” it seems you mean “financial goal”, right? That’s the very definition of “selling out” regarding the production of quality. This from the same person who called selling 500,000 copies of Deus Ex a “success”. So… did your definition of success change?

There is a vast untapped potential in games, and especially in game design. You’ve explored some of that potential in your previous games. Good luck on continuing that in your new configuration.

On American Fascists: The Dominionists

July 28, 2007

Immortal Technique with an expert political statement

July 27, 2007

John Pilger on Imperialism and the Media

July 27, 2007

Current Google Video watch list

July 26, 2007

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How mass murder and mass abuse can bring a smile to the power elite

July 26, 2007

Take close note of the facts and how each person here relates to them – while the elite self-justify their rule as a result of being “more capable” all the elite are capable of is creating, monitoring, and maintaining the abusive system that they themselves benefit from. The truth is by necessity not known to them – nothing that threatens their system can be known to them precisely because it would present a hardship to their very mind that they suppose to be “superior” to those they impact. It’s their victims that have a clear picture of reality. It’s their victims who can handle hardship. Why do the institutions for the mentally ill not collect the elite?… they are the most deluded people in the world. Perhaps because the assumption is that anyone who makes money by definition is quite sane… rules made up by the elite themselves. It’s the poor people who are closely, intimately examined for disabilities, diseases, delusions and encouraged to have them while the poor people would very much like the elite to have a clear picture of the world. The elite resist such a clear picture just as the poor resist disease and delusion…

It’s fairly pathetic that the elite capitalist west holds themselves as the ideal which the world should aspire to. All it takes is one look at them to see why people don’t.

Remember, remember… the mental institutions hold the troubled of the world… the trouble of the world however… that gets to roam free and destroy the world. The trouble, you see… rules the troubled.

I hope… I hope… that one day I too may be able to abuse and exploit the world! What a happy day of achievement that will be! All it takes is enough “education” and “good judgment”. All it takes is enough delusion.

The elite – what smiling, happy faces… what noble aspirations! Any more “nobility” or “aspirations” and there may be no world left at all.

The corruption of the US media

July 25, 2007

Worst flooding in Britain in 60 years

July 25, 2007

Still the highest quality site for politics issued through the written word

July 24, 2007

Pure Pwnage Episode 14 is up! – torrent link below

July 24, 2007

Bill Moyer’s Movement Action Plan

July 23, 2007

Michael Eric Dyson in a very efficient manner

July 23, 2007

Anti-hacking expert needed

July 23, 2007

I’m looking for a skilled person in anti-hacking to assist with a friend’s website. If you can help out email me at

Jon Stewart interviewed by Bill Moyers (different from Bill Moyer)

July 22, 2007

Bill Moyer on creating social change and the collapse of exploitation

July 22, 2007

Scott Ritter on Iranian nuclear problems

July 17, 2007

The Southeast is not having a good month

July 17, 2007

Maintaining Internal Colonialism – the Jena six

July 16, 2007

The Propaganda Machine produces “Escape from the Ghetto”

July 16, 2007

For many years this has bothered me, how so many people talked about “escaping the ghetto”. Until recently I could not describe exactly why.

I first heard about it from white people who in many cases had never even seen a ghetto, yet they happily led the chorus.
And then I saw black people, some of whom had escaped, some of whom had those ambitions, following along.

I first wondered, many years ago, what effect an ideology of “escape from the ghetto” would have on the people living there. Gangster Rap and Bling-Bling Rap have answered me. Despair and poverty have answered me, since if everyone around is trying to escape noone is trying to improve. What’s the point in improving the conditions of the ghetto if you’re hoping not to be there next year?

It’s curious, quite curious, that the very people who invented the ideology “escape from the ghetto” are the same people most fervently lamenting the poor conditions of the ghetto. That’s like going to war in Iraq and then lamenting terrorism.

I’m just a naive loon, so I don’t have these complicated intricate plans or existential dilemmas that the people saying “escape from the ghetto” have who try to fix things and wring their hands over the “welfare mentality” that is according to them the cause of ghetto poverty.

In order to improve something you have to do something that improves it. One of the motivations for doing something to improve your environment is that you’re committed to that environment, committed to the future of it. Another of the motivations is that you’re not going to receive heavy resistance… whether it be propaganda such as white people shouting “escape from the ghetto” or a tiny elite sector of black rappers rewarded by the whites (for) shouting “escape from the ghetto” or more direct repression like police intervention or CIA infiltration.

In times of less awareness regarding the monstrosity of the American government there was a group that didn’t say “escape from the ghetto”. With the rapid response of the CIA and police, we quickly found out how the Black Panther Party turned out.

On the days when I look at black rappers without looking away in shame at the humanity they represent, I see in every hyper-posturing act, every borderline self-satirical line, the terrible knowledge that they need to create in their own minds the idea of themselves as the Ultimate Black because in their dominated status they have fulfilled the ideology of White Supremacy. Their music is a form of self-torture, a justification for the monster they have become.

Its sadly amusing that whites think that suburban white youth listen to rap music because they want to be black. The truth never occurs to these supposed critics: they listen to mainstream rap music (Gangster, Bling-Bling) because that is the music of White Supremacy. Nothing within the realm of ideology and culture is more harmful to blacks in America.

Even professors exclaim surprise and dismay that black rappers aren’t “leaders of the black community”. Wake up.