The Destruction of “More than Human”

Nietzsche is not going to survive the 21st century. The time has come for his death.

You might think that Nietzsche had a good idea. I did, anyway. “Greater than human” sounds just fine… what could be wrong? Isn’t Greater by definition superior, better… you’d think “Greater than human” is equivalent to “1+1=2”.

The problem is that humans *already* want to become greater. The entire human history including during the time of Nietzsche features this. Nietzsche thought that decadence implied otherwise but I don’t see the support for that assumption. Decadence is a *complaint* about a lack of seeing a path to the greater… the complaint itself is pursuit.

That was the great injury Nietzsche put upon culture, to take “becoming greater” out of the realm of natural and necessary human behavior and putting it into culture. Only AFTER Nietzsche could humans *not* want to become greater.

So, with this new type of humanity culture began its *quest* for greatness… a quest it could for the first time fail at. Needless to say this put a lot of pressure on people. Not so coincidentally around the time of Nietzsche the psychological and mental health sciences expanded. Its mentally difficult to think you have the possibility of achieving something (negative no less) against human nature, questing after a goal you’ve already obtained.

This is, quite literally, insanity. But the funny thing about insanity is that if its formed into a *philosophy* suddenly its legitimate. A “system of thought”, regardless of the thought, is philosophy. A madman who rants is a madman. A madman who rants *systematically* and in an organized fashion is a philosopher.

What does it say about humanity that Nietzsche is supported in this regard? For starters, it probably says that the humanity of the 20th century was pretty fucking bored. It also says they are deeply skeptical about human nature with an aggressive position towards *changing* that nature. You might hate political monsters like Trotsky and Wilson, but you can’t hate them without hating Nietzsche. The next time you see someone “social engineering” you may want to consider where that comes from. Political Correctness is dying.

The 20th century was insane, cynical, depressed, revolutionary, extreme, and absurd. We will refuse to continue as such.

One Response to “The Destruction of “More than Human””

  1. SamuelGoldmann Says:

    Do you even believe yourself what you are implying? I think you are incredibly dense and unaware of current trends in society. Thank you.

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