Gotta Love Neoconservatism (this is a brilliant rundown of Neoconservatism)

This just keeps getting worse and worse.

MK: How does that work?

SD: I’m kind of a cult within a cult, it’s really embarrassing. But Strauss’ students love my books because they’ve helped them understand Strauss, understand their Straussian professors, understand themselves. So they tell me, anyway, in their letters. They’ve sent me unpublished materials marked with clear instructions ‘do not distribute to suspicious persons.’ If I’m not suspicious I don’t know who is. They’ve sent me letters, gifts, dissertations, tapes, transcripts, the tape you’re playing right now is one of them.

MK: Are we dealing with a cult here?

SD: Definitely, definitely. We’re definitely dealing with a cult, because it’s not about a good education. People who sort of float through the Academy, go from one Straussian professor to another Straussian professor. A lot of the Straussian professors do not even like their students to take courses with other people who are not Straussian because they might get intellectually confused, which is probably the case.

MK: Infected by non-Straussian thought.

SD: Right. To listen to people like me maybe criticize his ideas.


Here’s an interesting thought experiment: what happens if the Neocons in the White House weren’t incompetent, and weren’t displaying themselves openly as would horrify Strauss? How long would they remain in power and ruin the world?

Who would have thought incompetence would possibly avert disaster?

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