This man is Vaginasexual

I was having problems classifying Rod (Big Rod) for my novella. How do you describe a guy for whom the presence of a vagina (of the proper size) is all that is necessary for sex? Heterosexual doesn’t work because that assumes sex with *women*, of whom the vagina is merely a gateway. This guy will have sex with literally anything with a vagina (and nothing without). Why not then just… vaginasexual?

Rod’s doing pretty well. He started with rats, was worried about a white rabbit but it turned out well, and got some wild pig action. He should be moving into homosapiens soon. He may have done *bats* amazingly enough, but the novella provides no confirmation of such.

Rod’s a lot more interesting than the main character (he’s a RPG hero, of course he’s boring as fuck)… maybe I should have wrote Big Rod’s Epically Long RPG instead.

What’s kind of exciting to me is not the parody of cock size for men, which is tired and should be retired ASAP, but the introduction of vagina depth for women being the paragon of womanhood (the Ice Queen for example has the deepest vagina of any woman on Earth and Porn Stars are next in line). That would be hilarious at least temporarily if women self-consciously measured their vaginas all the time and were ashamed if they had a “shallow one”. Oh no, I can’t handle a mammoth cock which means I can’t handle a real man… I’m a horrible woman!

Actually though, its easy enough to mock humans without this new fad cropping up.

Maybe if I… maybe if I do stretching exercises it will become deeper? Should I get surgery?

One Response to “This man is Vaginasexual”

  1. Jamie Algar Says:

    Love a good cuntychop.

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