On Limbaugh and Coulter

Hawkeye Fierce writes:

“But, to restructure your theory a bit, Coulter/Limbaugh are entertaining if A) you feel like you’re on their team and B) you enjoy that sort of thing. I think their “team” isn’t what I would call mainstream conservatives, though there is some overlap – less so in the case of Coulter, who I think is batshit insane, than in the case of Limbaugh, who I think is just a overly vicious windbag. But I do think that part A is more important than part B, and that there are a lot more people who identify with Limbaugh/Coulter’s politics than you seemed to think in your initial comment.”

The motivation for people like Limbaugh and Coulter to rise is that the right, especially the socially conservative right, hates the left but can’t articulate or defend their position, other than it “feels right”. In this void of rationality comes people whose value is rhetorical savagery. Think of an angry man who has no rational position for defending himself from verbal attack, so he uses his fists instead.

When you hate something but you don’t know why, you get frustrated and turn to people who make you feel “warm and fuzzy”, who come the closest to vicious attack upon your object of hatred.

This is why creatures like Al Franken are totally pathetic, that he would attempt to imitate Limbaugh but for “the right team”. Liberals in some cases hate the right, but they DO know why. They have rational arguments, they don’t fall into a pit of frustration. Its not that Limbaugh’s methods are “effective” in the abstract… they are effective only in the *absence* of rationality, only in the presence of frustration.

If liberals *truly* want to make America a better place with respect to this issue they won’t “get back at the right” with Frankenesque garbage, they will DEFINE THEMSELVES, communicate who they are to the right and to themselves. Its liberal confusion over its identity in the post-counterculture era that led to conservative panic.

Liberals need conservatives and vice versa. If your enemy isn’t doing so well you get frustrated. You start punching him maybe, trying to get him going. Limbaugh’s real message is “Liberals, what the hell are you?”

Liberals too often think of themselves as the anti-asshole, as the anti-bigot, anti-hatred… conservatives merely want liberals to take some kind of pro-stance on something *specific*, not just “brotherhood of man” or “world peace”.

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