Tasering of a 200 lb. 11 year old

From http://www.ajc.com/metro/content/metro/clayton/stories/2006/11/29/1130mettaser.html

“I hope students can come to school with the mindset to learn and not engage in behavior that requires these type of measures.”

Funny, “these types of measures” have never been used in the past to deal with this exact situation, you fucking fascist. Gotta love the barely-veiled threat this piece of work is issuing to the students. Why stop with tasering, why not just blow the head off any kid who fights? That’ll teach those bastards!

“In the presence of several adults, including the female armed security officer, the argument quickly got out of control.”

So… *several* adults, including a *security officer* of all things couldn’t pull a 200 lb. kid off someone, instead having to taser him… twice?

Basically what tasering does is avoids risk to the officer. While that in and of itself is fine, avoiding risk should not be done where accepting some risk results in a considerably better situation, as would be achieved by pulling the kid away and restraining him.

This demonstrates why its not a good idea to give a taser to a coward.

One Response to “Tasering of a 200 lb. 11 year old”

  1. briankoontz Says:

    I’m going to soften my stance on this a bit, largely because there is debate about the use of tasering versus physical restraint of a violent person. My problem with tasering (besides that it can be used to conceal cowardice) is that it can result in death. I’d rather take the chance at spraining something or tearing a muscle in the kid or some other minor injury than take a chance at death. We need to arrive at a consensus on the proper use of tasers in our society.

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