Desslock is right – there’s too much cynicism in the White House

 Desslock writes:

“I hate to say it, but to the extent Jackson made the Hobbits seem less heroic (an assertion I don’t entirely agree with), it’s because they represent the “common man” in both the books and the movies…and frankly it’s difficult for modern audiences to believe that an average guy can heroically go to war, without self-doubt, without fear, and just go “do your duty” with honor, unlike the heroic ideal at the time Tolkien wrote the books. There’s a lot more cynicism now, and it just wouldn’t seem plausible to modern audiences. Black and white is out, even in our heroic archetypes, apparently.”

Cynicism and “black and white” are derived from the relationship between the nation’s leaders and its people. For example, if the leaders desire a war that the people don’t want, yes, absolutely, it will be “difficult for modern audiences to believe that an average guy can heroically go to war”, not because he lacks heroism but because he lacks wisdom. If the people desire a war then the average guy WILL heroically go to war.

Its just like anything else. If the leaders impose national health care and the people didn’t want it they would be “cynical” and according to Desslock “black and white is out”.

Black and white is IN, as long as the leaders and the people both agree that black is black and white is white. When the leaders are saying “black is white” then yep, the people will be “cynical”.

Its funny that World War II was not a “cynical” war: funny until you realize the people actually *supported* that war. Yes, its not difficult at all for black to be black and white to be white. We’d know how easy it is if we lived in a true democratic society.

Gotta love how people pretend that cynicism is a matter of culture or “human character”… what’s creating that culture?

Some think the people should support whatever the leaders support, and lament the “cynicism” that only gets in the way of this righteous process. Why can’t the people just repeat the leaders when they say X is black and Y is white? Why the dissent, why the cynicism? According to these fine folk, cynicism is a modern *disease* that only harsher and more repressive policies can hope to cure. Cynicism is *inefficient* you see… it gets in the way of what the leaders are trying to accomplish. Noone thinks to turn this around and wonder why the leaders are so cynical about the will of the people, why they get in the way of what the people are trying to accomplish. No… we can’t have *that* idea.

Cynicism in the White House and Congress… now THAT’s something to cure.

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