The Neocon Conscience

The Neocons are very useful to their enemies and horribly embarrassing to their allies. I love talking about them while Daniel Morris wishes they would shut the fuck up while he looks for a rock to hide under.

To be fair to them though, they wanted it this way. You don’t do such obvious deception of the American public, such over-the-top PR stunts, etc. unless you *want* to be the villain. Its right to say that part of it is total contempt for the American public and the media, but certainly not all.

The Neocons ultimately want to change the American populace. They want to defeat America, to make Americans learn their place, which is to obey the Neocons. But they also want America to accept their vision, and in their own cute misguided way they really do want to “make America great again”.

Take a look at George Bush’s recent direct admission that he lied about Rumsfeld’s resignation a week before the election as a political move. These guys aren’t even TRYING to hide the deception at this point. Its important to ask *why*.

Hiding deception is normally one of the key skills for politicians. The practice of the opposite tendency is unheard of in politics as far as I am aware. Since these guys aren’t incompetent at deception (they did well enough in the Reagan years) there must be other things going on.

One is that they aren’t as confident as they like to appear. Its a tough road to have no respect for an intelligent and admirable people, and it puts a lot of strain on them when they are both contemptuous and considerate at the same time. This blustering belligerent approach is a way of masking their own strife.

While they have fascist tendencies, they aren’t hardcore committed fascists. So on the one hand they want to give you an authoritarian beatdown and on the other hand they want to convince you of their position.

Also, they have the sense of wanting to do a lot in a little amount of time, that they are revolutionaries against a giant horrible almost insurmountable tide called Liberalism or Pacifism or Progress or Sovereignty. They are the underdogs and they know it. If you like the bombs and the world wants to take them away from you, you bomb as much as you can while you still can.

As time has gone by, the Neocons believe less and less in themselves. Inertia carries them forward instead of ideology. They’ve created a machine and the machine now gives them purpose instead of the creative impulse. To a growing extent they’d just like to be put out of their misery, but their pride doesn’t allow the admission.

Here’s to putting them out of their (and more importantly, our) misery for good in 2008.


2 Responses to “The Neocon Conscience”

  1. Leo Anschluss Says:

    The Neoconscience? Hah. Their former Trotskyite backgrounds reveal themselves in their conduct today. Old vanguardist habits die hard, I guess.

  2. briankoontz Says:

    A scary thing is that with more patience they might have succeeded… better planning for the Iraq war, more capable people in leadership instead of a pure lackey approach. We’ve narrowly avoided complete control of Iraq in 2003, would probably be currently embroiled in a war in Iran or Syria, with a much stronger global opposition possibly moving toward large-scale war against us. I don’t understand how people with this much *experience* in running the country (at least 8 years for most of them in the Reagan years) are suddenly so incompetent. Perhaps they saw too much Geraldo and thought all Americans were that pathetic so they could just do whatever they wanted (or they looked at the sheeplike media and thought that). Or perhaps, according to my theory, they subconsciously undermined themselves out of fear of a world in which they succeeded (and out of fear for the effect they were having on the American people and government). Much can be explained by the “wanting to do a lot in a little time”, setting the world on an inexorable course towards militarization and war… I prefer that explanation to the “conscience” one.

    The next US president has an immensely difficult job. Given the importance of foreign affairs at the moment electing a superior diplomat is the way to go.

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