Saving the World, One Corpse at a Time – the novella

That’s the current title anyway – I suspect it will hold up.

This has been a lot of fun to write, especially any part with Big Rod (he occurs in every fourth section at the moment). One difficulty I’m running into is maintaining the tone I want while introducing changes to keep developing the story and characters. Another issue is that the novella’s setting is the CRPG genre as a whole (and even a bit of other RPGs)… which introduces some chaos into the environment since several different games with different mechanics and gameplay are present. Its been fairly smooth sailing so far through the early simple stages of the novella. Its broken up into Levels which correspond to the main character’s (and Big Rod’s) level. Amazingly, Big Rod may be the hero of the story, although he’s not the main character and as a parody himself hardly seems appropriate. Perhaps that’s just more commentary on the genre.

“Oh my god, they killed Arneson!” “You bastards!”


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