“Price Slashed again! unbeatable price from the direct sale. You are buying the gold from the game developers directly, not from the resellers, no hacking , no cheating , guarantee work !”

“No Waiting, No Bidding. – Direct Sale Service offers you the best and fastest way to buy world of warcraft WOW Gold from game developers directly. You will have the best buy , lowest and unbeatable price.”

Is it true that Blizzard is selling gold?

One Response to “Hmm”

  1. Sock Says:
    “Internet Game Exchange Paradise”
    “Speedy Delivery! How fast?”

    Try 14 hours and counting.

    “Unfortunately, we are short of stock with this server. we only can delivery 70 Gold to your game account, and if you can wait for 1-12 hours to allow us to rearrange our stock we will send the rest to you.”

    “Oh don’t worry!” they tell me. “We’ve sent you 70 gold to tide you over.”
    Excuse me? I thought I had an option in this matter. I had planned to cancel my order and purchase through another company when I received this news. But because they decided to mail me that 70 gold to “tide me over” they now refuse to cancel my order.

    I chose IGXE for their fast delivery times. What they fail to tell you before hand is that if you are purchasing money on a new server (WoW in my case), expect a very long wait.

    Stay away From IGXE folks. They’re more trouble than they’re worth.

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