A Reason for a Horror Movie – The Ability to Deny

In these fictitious, deceitful, advertised, propagandaed times where we are bombarded by manipulation and lies, the ability to deny, to ignore, to reject, to prevent from effect, becomes crucial.

*Therefore*, the more offensive, the more reprehensible, the more odious, the more realistic the *face* of that deception, the better. If the primary point of a horror movie, as I argue, is to test our ability to *deny* any effects of that movie on oneself, then the more terrible it is the better. *Extremity* becomes the true test… extremity of pain.

The ascetic, and these are more ascetic times than any other I’ve experienced, wants the most extreme test so that he knows no fiction can affect him.

Those who say its about masochism have the problem that masochists are rare. The point is to have NO pain… to deny all pain. The point of horror movies is to LACK (or subvert) emotion… to take a horrible experience blasting away in front of you and reduce it to nothing. The test is of your ability to remove yourself from the experience you see on screen. The horror movie is the opposite procedure of most films, where the viewer *wants* to engage himself, *wants* to become involved in the experience. The best horror movies test your ability to disengage. You win when you watch the entirety of the film, appreciate the film, and when the film has no negative effect on you whatsoever.

I’m about to watch Hostel… my Test of Asceticism is upon me!


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