On the Destruction of Jahalia

“The fundamental sickness of western culture – that being a sickness of “ignorant barbarism”.

One of the frightening truths of modern America is that Americans themselves believe in Jahalia much more now than ever before. Much of present American culture in an attempt to *move away from* “ignorant barbarism”.

What makes Jahalia intellectually powerful is that it contains substantial truth: American individualism, if pursued excessively, can create the results that Jahalia fears.

But it jumps the gun: American individualism has NEVER been pursued excessively.

The case that the proponents of Jahalia point to are the race riots and aggressive political demonstrations of the 1960s. While ugly and unfortunate incidents in some cases, those never threatened America. In fact, this display of emotional honesty helped America (or should have helped America) see itself more clearly.

*Overreaction* to them, however, did, and *does*, threaten America. The Neocons rose to power, in ideological unison with radical Islam in opposition to “corrupt Western (liberal) society”.

Now what we hear is “Americans are ignorant”. “Americans are immoral”. “Americans believe themselves to be #1”. We hear those things now much more than ever.

But worse yet: the Neocons are promoting their own belief! Since 2001 Americans have, under the guidance of the Neocon White House, BECOME more ignorant, more immoral, more intolerant… the Neocons are shaping America to *their* vision of it and shaping world opinion of America to their vision of it!

The Neocons have forced America to react to this. So Anti-Neocon forces have emerged who have to pursue or promote such an agenda… so now they, like Borat, have to encourage Americans to become *less* ignorant, less immoral, more tolerant.

But it all derives from an error! It all derives from such a concern that liberalism will go *too far* that it was never even given a chance to go too far!

Such a concern is fine… such a concern is healthy. What some people DID with that concern is not healthy.

Liberalism needs to be reinstated in America. Excessive fear of Liberalism needs to end.

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