Postmodernists are afraid of Reality

This post explains and offers a path to a solution.
Lets say, for the moment, that a person believes he has the power to shape his own mind. Lets furthermore say, that this person believes the contents of his mind are more important than the contents of objective reality.

What sort of life does he lead… how does he go about shaping his own mind?

What are his goals for his mind? To receive pleasure? Knowledge? Comfort?

All of these things are much more easily obtained if you take into account objective reality only to the extent that you get what you want from it. You can funnel entertainment to yourself, funnel learning, funnel peace of mind.

The goal of this person is to serve *himself*. He is the end-state, the master of his reality.

Objective reality, to the extent it exists at all, is merely a means to an end. A land of the exploited. It doesn’t matter what it contains, only what it provides for him. Great suffering can exist alongside his pleasure… as long as he can ignore the suffering and funnel the pleasure all is well. If he sees the suffering that merely means the funnel is not narrow enough… which his mind remedies or if it can’t remedy it demands a solution from the economy.

The funnel *devices* we call… technology. Radio, TV, computer, cell phone, PDA.

This sort of person becomes funneled even when he’s not using a device. When he has the misfortune of having to use his eyes on the world, they see what they want to see.  The world becomes subject to him, not the other way around as has been true throughout the previous human societies.

This is highly problematic at the moment, and will only become more so until the issue becomes accepted and dealt with.

If its not accepted and dealt with, we will see a breakdown of society, or I should say a *further* breakdown of society.

If the world becomes Americanized, this issue will spread.

The way to deal with the problem is to increase the importance of him acting in support of objective reality relative to him acting in support of his subjective reality. This is much more difficult than it sounds: Communism for example was supposed to achieve this, but it made a fatal error: the *collective* is not the *objective*. Totalitarianism likewise is problematic. That error exists because ideology ITSELF is subjective. Ideology is an external mind imposed upon a people.

The *first* solution, and maybe the only one necessary, is to define a people without using ideology. Most of human history has done this… people were geographically-based, not ideologically-based. But at the 21st century, how do you move away from ideology and what do you move to?


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