Introducing the Id to Conscious Society

This has been a project undertaken by several people. The past half-century has seen an acceleration in effect, the equivalent of moving from 1 MPH to 3 MPH. This is considered a radical and for the most part undesired project (not popular) which accounts for its dominance among comics (Bruce, Kaufman, Cohen) who are given a lot more tolerance than otherwise is issued.

Its much much more popular among the youth, and to a very small extent among leftists… otherwise its nearly entirely rejected by society except for non-public venues like comedy clubs (or movies).
I’m curious about why the Id is rejected by society. It seems likely that its primarily due to the Id being seen as primitive, pre-civilized… this is how Freud treated it. Expressions of the Id actually *offend* people… are they insults to their sophistication, to their civilization? With respect to the Borat movie… if Borat wasn’t hiding behind a cloak of “different culture” he would be thought insane, mentally ill, or retarded. But lets say Cohen couldn’t make a movie about Borat… would he be willing to be Borat within society? How would he defend himself against charges of mental illness… would he eventually begin to believe them? How could he say… I’m trying to help you…

The Borat character’s primary purpose is conscious Id promotion. The reception among Americans is shall we say… not a positive one.

Is it wise, is it psychologically healthy, to seperate the Id… to remove it from society? Movie critics seem to focus on Cohen’s treatment of bigotry… but it goes well beyond that. Cohen is lambasting the Super-ego. We are reaching a point of debate on Id vs. Super-ego expression in society.

Cohen’s Id pursuit in many ways has a much more disastrous result than the Id pursuit of Winston in 1984. At least in 1984 they had the good manners to repress him. In Borat they shun, while calling it “freedom”.

Go Go Super-Ego! Long live the American Empire!


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