On Human Cloning

Cloning technology has a long way to go before it becomes viable. Once it progresses though, it has the potential to radically alter human society.

If the technology is perfected and the clone has no inherent defects, what may the outcomes be? The political battle over clones will be fierce. What will regulate their creation?

Cloning will be a reflection of modern politics… either in the control of the government, the private sector, and/or the people.
If governmentally-controlled, human-creation factories are an intoxicating proposition for aggressive states (and may make states aggressive that were not before). Churn out human after human, feed them into the military machine… a neverending supply of cannon fodder. Eugenics programs will reduce variability in the populace. Castes will develop, giving each of the clone range-types specific roles in society. If early results are successful, the non-cloned population may be deemed inferior and killed, so as to not take resources from the clones. This may turn despotic governments into totalitarian ones.

If the private sector controls cloning, the benefits of cloning will favor the wealthy. Laws will be made that put the clone under the control of the client (as he paid for and thus owns the clone).

If the public controls cloning, clones will be used to increase the lifespan of the original (organ-farming).


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