Laws against Influence

One of the aspects of establishing a populist America is to eliminate sources of manipulation. For example, the US media with respect to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict is heavily influenced by the owners of media firms, political elites, the Israeli government’s PR campaign, and watchdog groups. By law, none of these factors can have influence.

The major issue here seems to be that *without* influence, why bother staying in that role? But there remains value in owning a media firm, or being a political elite, without manipulating the US media. The kind of value that there has always been, long before this influence became so effective.

With these new laws, the American Public can bring a lawsuit against a news channel for example for manipulation.

The alternative, if the current system stays in place, is that the entire world becomes polarized and ruthless… endless ideological war where truth is ignored in favor of coercion. Under populism the *reality* creates the news, instead of a belief telling you what it wishes reality to be.


2 Responses to “Laws against Influence”

  1. mad dog Says:

    “With these new laws, the American Public can bring a lawsuit against a news channel for example for manipulation.”

    I’m sure the attoneys of this country would love your ideas. You would be giving them more work.

    But let me pick your brain with a question: Suppose the wrong kind of people get their hands on this kind of legislation? In other words, suppose a bunch of Neoconservatives decide to sue the Brian Koontz Action News Network, because they claim you are spreading ‘propaganda’?

  2. briankoontz Says:

    No law ever works in a corrupt situation, and none of the laws I’ve ever proposed are an exception to that. One has to analyze the degree of corruption and determine whether it’s acceptable. If it’s not, then the first step is to eliminate some of the corruption. Since the Neoconservatives are the most corrupt political operatives on the planet, eliminating them is never a bad first step.

    If the law can’t distinguish propaganda from news, the first step is to enable it to make that discernment.

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