Should I divorce America?

I think I should.

For many years my personality has been tied to America’s.

This has yielded some benefits, such as affinity for American culture, and had some downsides, such as being restricted to American culture.

I’m contemplating freedom… I feel that America can’t do enough for me anymore. Also, I want to free up myself for another love in my life.

I will still care deeply for America… I simply won’t be chained to it.

2 Responses to “Should I divorce America?”

  1. Leo Anschluss Says:

    For many years my personality has been tied to America’s.

    Like some kind of symbiotic link? But where would you go? To what nation would you bind your newly-forged soul? Mexico? Canada? Finland?

  2. briankoontz Says:

    I’m serious.

    I doubt it was symbiotic, although I did have some benefit from it and America some from it. Overall it was a way to give my life meaning, much like being a part of a religion.

    Its like an extreme version of being part of a culture, where you’re influenced by your country. In my case I was *really* influenced by my country.

    No more countries, that’s for sure.

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