America the Good

The focus on human-human interaction is one element of this new America. What else?

A focus on the Good and focus taken away from evil or corruption. No more self-loathing – the self-loathing was based on guilt over Imperialist mentality. No more fascination with the non-good. Violence is no longer seductive. Good is the new passion.
Values are promoted that lead to long-term stability. Consensus, communication, mutual appreciation. However, this system will have plenty of conflict. Methods are established that *determine* the outcome of the creation and destruction of governments and nations… the primacy of military might is not tolerated. Relativism is also not tolerated. Ways of evaluating cultures, evaluating nations, are established (through a body like the UN). Each nation makes its own arguments for itself, for its value, heard by the UN. If the nation is determined to be weak (upon a sober and thorough, completely lawful and transparent examination) it can be disbanded, its government overturned, or whatever other solution is deemed effective. This *is* a globalist government. However…
While this system does not include Relativism, it in no way is monolithic. It recognizes the value of the diversity of political systems, cultures, etc. In that respect it is Postmodern. Its a globalist government that promotes the Anti-Globalization of culture, *enforces* Anti-Globalization.

What makes this system differ from the current United Nations besides the degree of power is that currently the UN is a peacekeeping/lawmaking organization. Its not a globalist government with all the military power that entails.

Ideally in this system the globalist government would have the only military, but that’s putting all of the eggs into one basket (if such a government goes rogue the whole world would be in jeopardy). Realistically each nation would have a military, which legally would have to stand down in the case of the disbanding of its government or the like.

A globalist government makes things like nuclear weapons elimination a fairly easy process.

With respect to America, it needs to come to the conclusion that this is a good thing. That will not be difficult at all once America becomes Anti-Imperialist *and* Anti-Globalist.

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