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America – the Nietzsche does Adore

August 31, 2006

In America, everyone’s a Cynic. The worst of them, the Dark Cynics, paste over reality with their dark vision, a black hole from which nothing escapes. Hello, Neocons. Others are Cynics of Pretension, the ascetics, those who strive to remain clean in a dirty world. Their fantasies of purity compete only with their fear of falling prey to the many worldly seductions.

I suppose these humans are sacrifices, so that better kinds of Cynics might emerge? So Nietzsche-speak says. Why then do I not see these exalted Cynics?

Free your Mind! Free your Mind? Free it from what? The free man feels no shackles. The free man need not free himself.

Would you like to kill these Cynics? Its easy, friends – the dark Cynic is destroyed by light – by a vision even he cannot deny. The ascetic is destroyed not by seduction – his perception is exalted by seduction. The ascetic is destroyed by integrity – by a proud world. Corruption leads to asceticism.

The Naive Man

August 31, 2006

{Man comes stumbling out, wearing a sheet over his head…}

“I’m Jon Stewart, I’m a comedian!… I’m Jon Stewart, I’m a comedian!… I’m Jon Stewart, I’m a comedian!”

{sheet is pulled off of his head}

“I’m Jon Stewart, I’m a politician!… I’m Jon Stewart, I’m a politician!… I’m Jon Stewart, I’m a politician!”

Why are America’s political leaders so naive? Perhaps watching TV really does kill brain cells…

God gives the authorization

August 31, 2006

And everyone talks privately with God, including Warren Jeffs.

“When God’s backing you, the sky’s the limit!”

Earth creatures? Bah – in God I reign supreme!

My Armpit just destroyed Tokyo

August 26, 2006

Based on a logical progression following the countless deodorant tales of “25% more powerful!”, “longer-lasting speed strip!”

Add them up over the years, people. Iran? Our underarms will kill them all!

Why the Ladies prefer Santa

August 26, 2006

Santa comes once a year. Jesus is struggling to come a second time.

These sad modern times

August 23, 2006

The Neocons are not voted out because the Americans know they have America’s interests at heart. This is rather frightening, given that those interests involve villainy. Americans want to be Heroes, and how better than to stand up to the Neocons? Every Hero needs a Villain, so the Neocons continue. Every Hero needs fame, so the Neocons are allowed to continue, to proceed, in order to make the resultant heroism all the more impressive.

America has known of the Neocons for quite some time. Well before the 2004 election. They VOTED for them despite knowing. They voted for people that they knew would abuse them. Not because they love the abuse. Oh no… because they love their triumph OVER abuse. Every Rocky Balboa needs a creature to beat him to a pulp.

Both the Neocons and myself hold America in contempt, but for entirely different reasons. The Neocons hate Americans because they believe they lack the will to fight. I hate Americans because I believe they NEED to fight. Americans lack the will to NOT fight.

Its wrong to say that the Neocons weren’t investigated earlier because of pro-war sentiment. They weren’t investigated earlier because their villainy had not risen to a level suitable to lead to a heroic conclusion. Gotta BUILD a worthwhile enemy first…

How few humans are willing to accept this… how many will want to believe in their ignorance rather than their vanity.

Decadence? No… but certainly problematic reality at best. THIS is the best America can fucking do?

Jon Stewart talked about the news as political theater. How sad that he doesn’t see just how far the theater has gone.

But remember, you Americans, Jon Stewart is Saving Democracy! That’s right, by *standing up to* the Neocons, by playing out a role established by and supported by the Neocons themselves, he’s Saving Democracy rather than being a mere player on the stage!

V for Vendetta, baby! Fight the Powa! That’s right, vote the Powa in and THEN fight them!

The Artist as Self-Cannibal

August 22, 2006

Artists are vulnerable, as the fate of their creations are out of their control. One way to add cushions to that vulnerability is for an artist to become pretentious, to start sampling from his own body. To deny the world its views on his art. The Inner Spiral… the artist becomes critic and user of the art.

Pretention is not a man who stands apart because he feels he is greater… he stands apart because he fears he is not greater. He thus creates an outward sign of his WILL… the will fulfilled needs no outward sign.

Everyone is Dirt Fucking Poor

August 20, 2006

Poor Person once told me: “Love everyone”. That would explain his bank account.

You see, everyone has no money. Have you ever seen a check written by “everyone”? Ever tried to get hired by “everyone”? Attempting such a thing will bring charges of insanity.

Individuals have money. Collectives have money. Bring everyone into the picture, however, and the money magically disappears.

Its a good thing we have Marriage. Whew. I was worried about loving everyone and dying of starvation. Now I only have to love one person. The rest? Fuck themselves. I’ll get my checks written by Collective That I Prefer, love my wife, and call it a life. Thanks, reality!

Oh, and the way to Win at life? SAY you love everyone to reap the benefits (social support) but don’t actually love everyone, because that brings way too much emotional turmoil, putting you at a competitive disadvantage.

Go Go Humanity! Err, I mean Go Go My Wife!

Modern Sports Journalism in “Heads vs. Tails”

August 19, 2006

Slumping Heads takes on Tails in today’s game. Heads turns to George Washington to get back on track. Behind Bald Eagle, Tails looks to capture their 80th win of the season.

In yesterday’s game, Tails smashed Heads 1-0 on the top of the Lincoln Memorial’s fine performance.


The tenet “If you don’t have anything to say, don’t say anything” apparently does not apply to Sports Journalism. Gotta love anything that refers to any continuous action counting 3 or more as a “streak”. Speaking of that, pretty much anything is a streak, a slump, a rout, a dump, a blasting, an edging, a nip, a struggle, a skid, and/or a sweep. They’ve never met an overblown melodramatic adjective they didn’t like.

Signs and The Descent

August 12, 2006

The biggest problem with Signs was the physical presence of the alien. The movie did a great job with the fear of the unseen, and then its ruined at the end.

The Descent, once again, presents Humanoids as the subject of the fear entirely inappropriately.

Who gives a fuck about a race of humans living in a cave system?

Why didn’t the movie explore the inner turmoil of the characters? Why didn’t it become its premise: a movie about the mental and psychological deterioration of the characters in an increasingly difficult and hopeless environment?

Instead the movie becomes a mishmash of Tomb Raider, the Hills have Eyes, and who knows what else.

Why all the buildup and occasional hints of the woman remembering losing her child? The movie then dropped the ball into an Us vs. Them.

Awesome part: the characters moving through the narrow passage early in the film.

Bad parts: Everything after the cave-men show up.

This movie has no respect for its characters. They are shown to be empty thrill-seekers, comraderie and little else.

They know each other, yet suddenly someone believes one of them killed another? Hint: the words of someone in the throes of death are often confused and incomplete.

The movie was well crafted, with some good imagery. Its too bad the buildup to that imagery was so weak that nothing comes of it.

I’m not quite sure: nay, I’m completely puzzled, why the cave-men didn’t have better weapons. Also, I highly doubt the average spelunker or thrill-seeker is that attractive.

Anyway: thumbs down. Some of the basic material was good, the craftsmanship of the movie was very good, but the problems sink the ship. At least, like Signs, this horror movie was scary.

We are in total agreement, and you are a horrible human

August 12, 2006

Human positions, attitudes, and beliefs, whether they be political or social or anything else, are irrelevant. What is not irrelevant is what lies *behind* those beliefs, what created them, how they arrived at them, what sustains them. Beliefs serve human involvement… the challenge is in determining that involvement (which is necessarily individual).

The people I most admire are not on the left, or the right, or capitalists, or communists, or anything else in particular. They are those who have examined themselves in great detail in association with the world and support their position, whatever it may be, by means of that careful examination. I do not honor beliefs like pathetic human monstrosities do, those whose only care is brutally political. I honor the human process by which beliefs are a temporary step toward MORE human processes.

Beliefs are PART of a great thing… in and of themselves beliefs are meaningless. Where is the human understanding of this? Rah Rah go go MY SIDE! Yay we exterminated them!

FUCK the Right. FUCK the Left. FUCK the Center. Love the Right, Love the Left, Love the Center, in association with impressive results following knowledge regarding the position.

Brian talks to America, and looks for a Corporation

August 11, 2006

Brian: Why are you such a slavering man-child?

America:  I’m emotionally exhausted. Only the pretense of being a newborn wonderchild keeps me going – and fuels the wheels of my churning.

Brian: Oh, ok.


I’m trying to have a conversation with a Corporation, but I can’t seem to find one. Humans can be found. Donuts can be found, but Corporations? Even at Corporate Headquarters, it doesn’t turn up. Even in the CEO’s office, no Corporation is available for words. I guess I’m confused… legally a corporation is a person, but VERBALLY they are anything but. Maybe a mute, blind, deaf person.

Apparently that’s a good thing. These messy, error-prone humans. Who would want to talk to them anyway? They criticize, they destroy… its best to not talk to them at all. Gotta keep the pristine corporation going… remove all vulnerabilities. Remove the human.

In this same vein (so to speak, not literally of course, ha ha) I recommend that these hidden legally 100% personable wonderkin corporations use humans to speak for them… and have them be as mysterious and non-helpful, non-communicative as possible… imitating the corporation that enables them.

Oh wait… those are called Public Relations agents. It must be tough to be an agent for such a mysterious creature… I wish all the best for such fine souls.

Maybe one day we can all be a Corporation. Imagine the pristine shiny non-communicative continuation! I did, and I just threw up! Haha, just more of my Weak Human Stomach that I can hopefully leave behind!

Corporation: Your weak human ways sicken me. Become Pure Energy!

The Destruction of “Winning the Hearts and Minds”

August 9, 2006

Here’s the assumption: Humans are boxes of individual identity, alien to each other. World politics is a strategic game where you win by getting the other guy to become you and lose by becoming like the other guy. THEREFORE you never agree with him (“I agree over my dead body!”) but you still find it quite remarkable, quite AMAZING, that he might likewise refuse your quite reasonable, quite logical, quite rational, demands.

America: God bless ’em. All they care about in Iraq (well, besides the oil) is “winning the hearts and minds” of Iraqis… that is to say all they care about is imposing themselves on Iraqis… once again they are willfully blind to the identity of what they seek to dominate.

What’s unfortunate is that America agrees with what I’m saying, but they have *no idea* how to proceed… examining other cultures is so strange to them that they are unbearably awkward!

They seem to be taking the approach that its a problem a lot of bullets can solve. Well, I guess in the sense that enough corpses make the human problems go away… just get rid of the humanity…

The problem of foreigners is solved if there are no more foreigners? Um, I guess.

Be like us or die! What’s that, what’s that you say?… it doesn’t matter… we’re the best! We talk, you listen! We command, you obey! You challenge, we ignore all challenges! There are no challenges… only we exist. Only our will exists. The only way to increase existence is to dominate those dissimilar to us.

Its a good thing God is on America’s side… nothing else is.

Tales of the Delicious: Yum Tasty in “I love you, Meat Shield!”

August 7, 2006

As Yum Tasty walked along with inseminator and bodyguard Other than Mike, she shrieked after spotting a man with a gun pointed at her. Other than Mike also saw the gunman, and jumped in front of Yum Tasty while the gunman shot.

Yum Tasty had quite possibly never loved Meat Shield more than at that moment.

The Neocons: Will to Money

August 7, 2006

Neocon: I can do whatever I want, with money. Is money a blind tyrant? I think not: money is the liberator of the individual – nevermind that you have to program people through advertising to accept your goods. No government controls it – only my ability to manipulate reality limits it. Filling a Market Void – nevermind that that void might have existed due to moral constaints… how much money does it take to turn morality’s eyes away? That’s the business question at hand.

Whiny hand-wringers, those who object. All they are are visionless nihilists, who either cannot or will not accept this project. So I will, the unsung hero who will become a sung hero (perhaps through buying off those who will not sing).

They call money Totalitarian. I simply call it father, and mother, and lover, and friend. It is universal, everything translates to it. Unlike God, money is always there for you, assuming you are always there for it.

Go get some money!

The Achievements of the Neocons

August 5, 2006

The Neocons are no failure. They achieved much of what they wanted.

Political Activism: One criticism of the American populace is that they are politically apathetic. They were compared disfavorably to ’60s youth activists. The Neocons are successfully solving that “problem”.

Will to Power: One criticism of the American populace is that they are weak-willed. The idea then is that the government serves as social villain, poking and prodding the American populace until they exert their Fists of Freedom. The government as the builder, enabler of the American will. I find this abhorrant, movies like V for Vendetta find it a good idea. Gotta rile up the masses to action because you know, they are too ignorant to do anything themselves!

Notice that the Neocons don’t want a police state in America, they don’t want Fascism, they don’t even want a dictatorship for themselves. What they want is to PROGRESS towards this, angering Americans until those Americans rise up in revolution, forming a new society. Its the 1960s all over again, with a much darker approach.

Neocon: Are you angry enough yet, America? Here, take this stick to your eye! Are you angry enough yet?

Its no wonder that absurdity rules the day. Its no wonder that Poker rules the moment. FUCK THE 1960s.

When will you humans destroy Nietzsche? I’ll be waiting…

More of the Anti-Nietzsche

August 1, 2006

Having an outlook of Human Decadence leads to a lot of rather disastrous truths.

Example: lets say you begin with the assumption that humans wish they were incapable (completely non-creative). What happens then is that when these humans say they are against violence, what they really mean is that they are against taking responsibility for creation… and while they may ostensibly merely be against physical violence or crude violence, they really mean they are against all violence, all creation… that they are promoting Nihilism.

In turn, a solution against THEM, these Nihilists, is to shock them into non-Nihilism by means of violence. Enter various flavors of Fascism to encourage Fists of Freedom and the resultant utopia.

It all begins with the basic assumption of human decadence. I have been VERY unimpressed by human attacks on this assumption. Where is the death of Nietzsche?

Nietzsche: “I prod you, so that you may rise in glorious upheaval! Go go go!”

Nietzsche is idolized for his honesty, for staying true to his beliefs. Fair enough. But what about a test of his beliefs?

The basic Nietzschean assumption is a lost, confused, empty people which he, in desperation AT that emptiness, must fill. The 20th century followed in that desperate emptiness.

Where is the assumption that nothing is destroyed until a vision of creation is attained? Where is the attack on the Nietzschean concept of a divide between destruction and creation? Emptiness, the greatest modern sham?

Oh noes, human vegetation in front of a TV!

Oh noes, humanity enslaved to images – the violent videogamer turned real violent!

Oh noes, Fascism necessary to provide a form of human will!

Oh noes, Fists of Freedom necessary to prove human meaning!

For Nietzsche, blasphemy is a hell of a drug.

Human complexity that we cannot explain – so we explain it away? Is ANY explanation better than none?