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There’s a reason some people want to keep women ignorant

July 31, 2006

It keeps it easy on men – ignorant women are a lot easier to impress and therefore to fuck. Smarties, knowies, are a lot more selective!

Barefoot – and THEREFORE pregnant.

Homoslightly’s Foretold Demise

July 29, 2006

When Homoslightly visited a battle between the Gay Menace Patrol and the Gay Man Pussies, that battle stopped. Here was a rare thing: an actual perceived threat, in this case to both sides. Homo*slightly*? Not nearly enough, or way too much! Homoslightly was quickly set upon and torn apart, allowing both parties to return to their meaningless war…

(As an Economist would say, care about the GDP and GNP instead to bypass all of these problems…)

How to tell that a culture is egalitarian

July 29, 2006

Those that they honor have no talent.

Talent is owned by the individual. Egalitarians, who want ownership in the hands of the collective, GIVE honor, bestow honor, create honor, control honor, give and take honor, are the “fickle”. What Egalitarians NEVER do is *recognize* talent… that would assume talent which they cannot take away.

What do you think of present American culture? What do you think of the empty celebrity who is honored one minute and reviled the next? Ooh, Tom Cruise behaved badly! Scientology, jumping on couches, lets punish him!

Hindsight is 20/20

July 29, 2006

“We only need to wait”, a historian says, to see clearly. I’ll accept *differently*, but clearly? When an event is passed, THEN you see clearly? One useful aspect of time is that it can be used extensively in hindsight, but time is no cure-all to human sight. There is never the comfort of 20/20, no matter the circumstances.

Saving Humanity from Heroism

July 26, 2006

Won’t someone think of the children? Heroic Donut did!

{Crowd rises to their feet cheering, tears streaming down the face of an old lady}

Glorious Presenter intones: “We are here today to honor Heroic Donut, who saved Small Child from drowning in Homoslightly’s Semen River. Truly, a man whose O-hole stands for Hero!”

Brian with a kick speaks with Yum Tasty concerning Other than Mike

July 16, 2006

Yum Tasty, I feast on your breasts! AH, milk of life!

Yum Tasty: “Brian with a kick, I am concerned about Other than Mike. He’s not talking to me.”

Brian with a kick: “Other than Mike, how dare you not communicate with Yum Tasty! You insolent, arrogant bastard! You think you’re better than us, is that it?”

Other than Mike: “Not talking is a form of communication. Its a type of pathos.”

Brian with a kick: “Not talking is what humans describe as INSANE. It makes them uncomfortable and uneasy, and they will not stand for it! Oh well, if you’re going to be misdescribed you might as well have some fun with it. Why not take the next step? Talk to them, but about things that are just out of their reach. That REALLY pisses them off.”

Other than Mike: “Why not talk to them about things that are completely out of their reach?”

Brian with a kick: “Oh… then they’ll just idolize you and go about their lives as if nothing has happened. Because it hasn’t other than you’ve shown yourself to be supercool.”

Other than Mike: “I see… but won’t they hate me for making these demands on them that they become something else?”

Brian with a kick: “Absolutely, and that’s where Insanity comes in. Convenient! Their hate means you get to be locked up with a bunch of “similar” people who are, ironically enough, completely dissimilar other than being dissatisfied with their reality.”

Other than Mike: “I’m confused… I thought people like me were called Sociopaths, or Anti-social, and socially ostracized.”

Brian with a kick: “Well yes, it all depends on what works. If that’s enough to get you away from them and thus for them to feel all warm and fuzzy again, sure… if not they can always take the next step.”

Other than Mike: “Humans are kind of pathetic, aren’t they?”

Brian with a kick: “Its not their fault, really… first they are surrounded by their loving family and then they are surrounded by their supportive friends. They live in this Love Bubble where everything is Wonderful and nothing is challenged. Then when they ARE challenged instead of responding to the challenge they call the other person names, and/or lock the other person up as the case may be.”

Other than Mike: “Does this have anything to do with the decay of the Nuclear Family?”

Brian with a kick: “It has a lot to do with it… and the lessened need for reproduction in a highly populated world is the other major part. Friends are a lot more fluid of a social fabric, and one less rigidly supportive than Family.”

Other than Mike: “Is all of this just out of reach, and therefore INSANE?”

Brian with a kick: “You’d better talk to Humans about that.”

How to Starve a Poor Person: Have them Eat Healthy!

July 11, 2006

So I’m eating a salad, and then I eat an apple, a pint of blueberries, a granola bar, …

This takes 40 minutes or so. I’m still hungry afterwards because of the lack of calories… but I’m out of TIME, so I need to go to work, or do a World of Warcraft raid, or whatever.

People say poor people eat poorly because they are lazy, or stupid, or decadent. I say this… they have SHIT TO DO. They can’t afford to spend 2 hours a day eating when they have a family and are working 60 hours a week.

Crap food might be crap for your health, but it fills you up *fast*. I spend 10 minutes getting the calories at McDonald’s that takes me 2 hours to get with healthy food.

But hey, no problem… if you want to force poor people to eat healthy and watch them starve to death through lack of calories, be my guest.

Gotta love the whole “America has the highest standard of living in the world” when much of the populace doesn’t even have enough time to eat healthy.

Clarifying the Libertarian movement and the current American political landscape

July 8, 2006

You’ve been misinformed. You were told the ’60s were all about Liberalism. Thus when right-wing blowhards decry ’60s decadence and say “See, see, what Liberalism is all about!” you nod wearily, grinding your teeth that you have to agree with such cretins, and desperately look for something else to be besides a Liberal.

The movement of the ’60s was Libertarian, not Liberal. What frightened conservatives was libertarianism, not liberalism. After all, Liberalism had been around for decades, and in modern form since World War II, without causing any great conservative fear.

The ’60s had an apt phrase: The times they are a-changing. The ’60s signaled the end of the Liberal/Conservative duology, although the public would not recognize that end for another 35 years.

The old Liberal/Conservative debate had two sides. Each had its place, each respected the other, neither sought to tread on the other. Thus neither FEARED the other.

The Libertarian movement had the potential, and in more recent years has shown the ability, to unite the nation. This frightens everyone who feels they may not be well-represented in such a unification.

A new kind of political alliance was forged in that fear. A new kind of political division was drawn. A seemingly hypocritical irrational nonsense world was being created.

*Radicals*, *Extremists*, REGARDLESS of their political position, became unified. This unification was hidden under their disagreement over the *issues*… they became unified however in a new kind of political structure which would allow them and their positions to thrive.

Enter Rush Limbaugh. Enter the polemicists, the users of radical misleading rhetoric. Enter the people who don’t want to create agreement, to create a working proposition, but rather to maintain the integrity of an extremist position, regardless of its tenability or degree of truth.

What does a unified world exclude?… the ENDS of the world. Liberalism and Conservatism never excluded the ends… in recent decades extremism became marginalized, a direct result of Libertarianism which bans what is not supported by “the people”.

What this new political landscape is trying to save is Extremism itself. Thus George Bush allies with Osama Bin Laden and the New Conservatives shake their heads at both.

Thus Ann Coulter does battle with Al Franken, a FICTITIOUS battle since they are not engaged in true debate… its a Faux debate designed to perpetuate the *positions* of Ann Coulter and Al Franken… that is to say the positions of Extremism, as modern society define them.

Osama Bin Laden becomes not an enemy, but a HERO… a man who like Al Franken, only wants to maintain the integrity of Extremism amid the awful forces of integration, of moderation, of consensus, of AGREEMENT.

This is what this new political alliance agrees on… they agree to disagree. They agree to kill each other out of rage at each other. They agree to shout out their passion! They agree to give up their life!

And you? The moderate? The disbeliever, the caller of “HALT, STOP IT, you crazy fucks!” What will you do?

What will you do?

Why the Neocons are not Fascists

July 7, 2006

I’m tired of hearing nonsense about the Neocons being Fascists… this is a clarification of what the Neocons are.

The Neocons are attempting to produce in America the same thing the movie V for Vendetta attempts to produce: the creation of an outraged citizenry which pumps its Fists of Freedom cathartically in a revolutionary move that transforms society. The Neocons are the annoying passive-aggressive bully that pokes and prods you in the hopes that you’ll hit him.

Why do I say this, and do not say the Neocons are Fascists? Like the political manipulator they are, they USE Fascist techniques to try to create the fear of Fascism, to again *create* the outraged citizenry.

Anyone *actually* on a project of Fascism knows they have to be more willful than the humans they are manipulating, more skilled in issuing propaganda than the humans are in rejecting it.

The Neocons are inept at Fascism, but NOT inept at making it seem they are trying to pursue a Fascist project, ineptly. THAT is what they have attained some success at… many people think the Neocons really ARE trying to create Fascism in America. They get out their Fists of Freedom and say “No you won’t, Neocons, not while I have something to say about it!”

The Neocons are wrong. America does not need to be poked or prodded, manipulation is not acceptable. THAT is why you should be against the Neocons… that they promote the false idea of the American citizenry as ignorant, apolitical, apathetic. And THAT is why they have the potential to establish the groundwork for the creation of Fascism in America.

When you pump your Fists of Freedom, you are saying that you need to throw off your chains. These humans have already lost… you need to not have chains on in the first place.

An Interview with Brad Anderson

July 4, 2006

Brian: Hi. How are you? How can I../

Brad: Best Buy is fascistic.

Brian: Whaa?

Brad: That’s what you were going to say, wasn’t it? We invade human privacy as part of the fascist project in America?

Brian: No.

Brad: Really? Come on, you’re not like all the others?

Brian: Blasphemy is a hell of a drug. For starters, there is no fascist project in America.

Brad: What? I’ve read your work, and you’re telling me that? What the fuck?

Brian: The current project in America can *develop into* fascism, but that is not an accurate representation of its present state.

Brad: So…

Brian: Take a look at what you’re doing. I’ll state your position for you, Best Buy’s position for you. Best Buy is promoting and testing the notion that America’s desire for privacy is decadent, that in that desire lies fear and corruption which Best Buy is going to manipulate by means of their pursuit. The “Smart Friend”, the endless lifestyle questions, the data mining, the in-home services, the plans to cover you when things fail… Best Buy as part of an economic project that is unique in American history, is setting up an intimate relationship between themselves and the public. Its part of a project that if successful will integrate business and personal life.

Brad: So… not fascist…

Brian: Its your fear that keeps using that term, and your desire to blind yourself. Reality is scary so you hug the dishonest. The bugaboo that can CONTAIN all of your fear, even as your true fear grows because you aren’t dealing with the real issues.

Brad: What’s your position on this integration?

Brian: I agree with Best Buy that American privacy contains elements of decadence (though no *special* level of decadence). However, its OPPORTUNISTIC rather than a matter of healing to say that business will provide a human solution. Your project is about playing on American fear of their own privacy, about making that fear serve business profitability. Your project will not create solutions, unless by solutions you mean business growth.

Brad: Well, we’re a business.

Brian: That you are. And if your position is that business exists to exploit customer fear, that that’s part of the business model, then you’re quite consistent in pursuing Project Intimacy.

Brad: But… how can we stay profitable if we don’t exploit that fear? Isn’t fear the easiest emotion to exploit?

Brian: Easiest if you’re an amoral monster, probably. You know, I kind of like business. Capitalism is GOOD. Great no, the end state of humanity, definitely not, but I don’t quite appreciate this constant attack on the morality of capitalism by monsters trying to subvert it. What… do you think after the public has been exploited ENOUGH they will cry out with their Fists of Freedom and bring a crashing halt to Capitalism? Is that the IDEA?

Brad: Well… the ’60s…

Brian: Fuck the goddamn ’60s! That’s all I fucking hear about from you people. The “Spirit of the ’60s”, now in Nightmare form. STOP IT.

Brad: But its who we are…

Brian: Its not who you have to be.

Brad: We Show Respect, Integrity, and Humility. We are Best Buy.

Brian: Stop *showing* and start *having*.

Brad: How may I help you today? How may I help you today? How may I help you today? How may I FUCKING HELP YOU TODAY???@@ {Starts throttling Brian}

Brad: Tell me about yourself! More information, more fucking information! Help me help you!!!  {Brad stops}

Brad: I guess you’re right. You’ve achieved what we only dream of. Human freedom, a lack of fear. How can we be like you?

Brian: I don’t want you to be like me. I want you to be like you.

Brad: But we’re already../

Brian: No you’re not… you’re trying to be like me. You fucking idiot… I am not free, and I certainly don’t have a lack of fear. You fantasize as such and commit yourself to hell for not emulating me. And FROM hell, everything is permitted, and as the Dark Cynic pursues, the worse the thing the more it *expresses* this hell. Exploitation of human fear is just what this world needs, he says!

Brian: I may be free of YOUR types of fear, but that hardly makes me an object of emulation. Probably more an object of curiosity.

Love: the American psychosis

July 2, 2006

Hatred is Love in the aftermath of disappointment.

Humans claim wisdom, but I disagree. How many humans have you heard who naively speak of the end of hatred?… or in ’60s lingo, the Endless Love?

What these “humans”, if you want to call them that, are actually calling for is an end to disappointment, an end to any *treatment* of the condition of love… a perpetual STASIS for the condition of love.

I enjoy love as much as any human, and far more than these humans who claim to be all about it, but I do not wish for my love to be subject to no change of condition. What would that take?

For me to never hate, for me to never lose a love, I must think of that love in the same way, it must hold the same place in my life that it now does (or that it did). What I love becomes chained, becomes unable to act with respect to me, cannot do anything that might jeopardize itself. A glass bottle with a ship of adventure stored inside… all the hypocritical rage!

Speaking of this land of the emotionally barren… what does it say about a people who do this?… Free Love, Endless Love, Love at all Costs? Is this merely the final result of injury, that they will prevent all future injury no matter the cost? Or is it a pretense, a game, whereby they are putting on “Love at all Costs” like a raincoat, and asking the mirror what it thinks? Because, after all, Blasphemy is a hell of a drug.

So take your pick… emotionally barren or psychotic. Emotionally barren or so desperate for the darkest kind of knowledge that they sacrifice a stable and very HEALTHY reality to *maybe* achieve it. Somehow I think reality is in for a Lose-Lose scenario here.

The New Conservative says “Enough!… its over! Love must again be subject to change… including change into Hatred”

Pale-faced Neocon Ghost sneers: “But… but… changing their hearts and minds! They must love us! They all must love us!”

Gotta love an America that promotes the Neocon because it thinks they have SOME idea what American psychosis is all about.