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The Barrier

June 24, 2006

I used to think humans were pretty cool… very open to and aggressive in pursuing truth. The educational system, ironically enough, taught me otherwise. Humans are closeminded, arrogant for no good reason (or for reason of being told by someone above them that something is true and therefore BY GOD (sometimes literally) its true! Have you ever tried teaching a teacher? Hell hath no fury like a teacher challenged by truth!

Very well. So I decided to look into this. Humans want to play the arrogant closeminded game? Well… lets see what that shit's all about. Enter The Barrier. I set up a wall around myself, the same wall (well, not quite the same wall, since they have seemingly no ability to take theirs away) that exists around other humans… firsthand examination.

I have to say… its pretty goddamned miserable. One thing in defense of it though: it does WORK. If you don't want the outside world coming in, the wall IS effective. That's what the wall is really all about… paranoia, arrogance, asceticism, LOOK AT ME I HAVE A BARRIER pathos. A castle with thick walls *does* make you wonder what treasures lie within.

You might ask what right I have in satirizing these human barriers, shouldn't humans be respected in them? Why is there a need to break down these barriers?

I could give the old argument "Death of God" and these barriers, as based on the God philosophy, no longer are supported by culture, but instead (in greater addition) I'll say that the barriers close you off from other humans, other truth, very VALUABLE other humans and other truth.

In turn, you might argue that WITHOUT barriers, humans have no ability to protect themselves, or no *special* ability.

THAT is in my estimation the real argument. Should humans have the right to protect their identity in artificial ways? My answer is no. Every aspect of human identity needs to be subject to destruction.

Now, the great irony, the REALLY great irony, is that things like constructing this Barrier have made me more arrogant and set up essentially a *real* barrier for myself. I mean… what other human has done this… set up a Barrier in order to TEST Barriers? A few, probably… I doubt I'm unique. But sure as hell not many. I'm pretty impressed by myself! So now, given what I'm able to do with my own identity and what I'm able to learn, what human with their petty ways of living, petty ways of examining truth, is on my level?

But even that in turn has its counter. Why set up "the level" in the first place? Nothing I've learned, nothing that has improved me as a human, has benefitted from my arrogance. While I enjoy my arrogance as a celebration of my past accomplishments, the future is wide open and requires continued examination. So I need to set aside my accomplishments in order to create more of them.

I feel kind of sorry for the silly humans with their outmoded ways of understanding human life who take pity or scorn on me for The Barrier. Not so sorry as to shut them out, however… ha! You are all subject to my examination just as I am subject to yours!

On “Truth speaks for itself”

June 23, 2006

Should it?

When asked a question, humans often give the 2nd or 3rd most truthful answer, and often an answer that seeks to provide new information, rather than be the pinnacle of truth. The argument they use as reason is that truth speaks for itself, that humans already know the truth, so it would be a waste of time for them to repeat it, so they give the most truthful answer that is also INTERESTING rather than provide a boring, yet more truthful, answer.

Truth kills, so the story goes, and they aren't ready to die yet. Hence truth is treated with this sort of hands-off, exalted status, and only brought to bear when *serious* matters are on the table. These humans actually have a name for crazy other humans who deign to speak of truth… they call them Philosophers.
But… no. I have to disagree. I don't believe that truth does speak for itself, I believe humans are in a constant struggle to define truth as its *most basic level* and that ALL humans have an obligation to pursue truth, an obligation to speak truth, an obligation to live truth. Everyone has the capacity to produce truth… truth has no mouth of its own.

Brian and Bob the Dark Cynic in “The Necessity of Deception”

June 21, 2006

Brian, I love you like a brother, but really, give your defense of truth a fucking rest. We're not debating truth here, we're in agreement about that. We're debating deception.

Brian: "Excuse me?"

Bob: How did you think humans attained their exalted place on the earth? They triumphed over all living things, and while that is truth they used whatever means at their disposal to do so.

Brian: What exalted place on the earth?

{Bob raises an eyebrow}: Watch me crush this bug {Bob does so}. See… exalted. I live, I breed, his life or death is subject to me.

Brian: That doesn't prove anything regarding exaltation.

Bob: Doesn't prove anything!?

Brian: Twenty thousand years ago a man could have done the same thing.

Bob: But not with as little concern!

Brian: What?

Bob: My strength is my lack of concern for the well-being of other creatures… ancient man would have had to had REASON for killing the bug, even if that reason was as simple as an annoying buzzing sound. I need no reason.

Brian: Nonsense… you needed a reason to kill the bug there… you were trying to prove a point.

Bob: But I kill bugs all the time, when nobody's around! If I see one, its dead!

Brian: You're still trying to prove a point.

Bob: Bah, will you not condemn me? I'm out of control! I need help! I need shackles!

Brian: Maybe you should move on to a different point.

Bob: You're weak, that's what it is! I'll have to go even further out of control to finally make you see the light!

Brian: Pliers again, Bob?

Nakedness as a mockery of the warrior

June 21, 2006

The warrior swings at those wearing armor. That is considered acceptable. When a naked man walks up to him he cannot swing, or is said to be unjust. Yet the naked man can use all of his weapons without reproach… one such weapon being the disarming of the warrior.

Notes on The Cat Returns

June 21, 2006

These are notes taken during viewing of The Cat Returns, a Studio Ghibli production.

The small is a pretension of humility and delicacy: the irrelevancy of the ego.

The animal as subserviant – miniature cow as alarm clock

Why do all animals have human traits?

Ambition as the source of error and carelessness – “Head in the clouds”

after all, other children don’t escape to fantasy worlds

Studio Ghibli loves to show the main character out-of-place, put upon, hit in the back of the head with a volleyball from a game she isn’t playing.

The hero is always oblivious, naive, she only knows about her pain and discomfort and the relative wonders of the fantasy world.

“Why me? Why are all these bad things happening to me?”

“Weird omen”… its metaphysical!

Compassion is the key to leaving this corrupt world – Haru saves the cat

Broken stick obtained saving cat comes back in whole thousand-fold

Cue light fairy-tale music when cat stands upright.

In Japan, everything is fragile and near to breaking. So precious! So beautiful!

Kindness as an aggressive act – abuse of the notion of fairness and equality. “No, you don’t need to do anything for me” as Haru puts down the food.

“Lets forget about it” – Tomorrow is a fresh new day! – Modern Amnesia

Cat parade – cats acting human – an ordered society makes them more human – disorganized cat opposition

“I must be working too hard… I’m going back to bed.” – She’s denying what she sees in front of her face – the cat tails

“The King will not be happy when he hears about this” – as threat

“The Kingdom of Cats has vowed not to stop until you are completely satisfied”

The girl does not see the gifts as decadent because she is lost in her complete self-absorption. “The gifts do nothing for me!” – she never objects to the GIVING of the gifts… and then she complains about them!

“Maybe I’d fit in better with a bunch of cats.”

“Forget all about your problems” as Haru’s justification for her visit to the Cat Kingdom.

“I’ll have to marry a cat” – Haru’s servient will.

Haru hears voices – insanity as the key to another world.

“At least it was a pleasant voice. Maybe the white cat will be nice too.” – Haru on her need for a lack of dissent.

Why is the portal always small? Rabbit hole in Alice in Wonderland, narrow alleyway in The Cat Returns

Buildings around Cat Bureau look like a miniature version of England.

“You shouldn’t go there if you don’t believe in yourself” – What kind of a world treats humans as the currency by which it measures the value of beliefs?

“Always believe in yourself” – sounds almost fascist in its self-promotion

“Do this, and you will have nothing to fear.” – I think there are other reasons you should have nothing to fear.

“You cats are terrible”

Pain and suffering as necessary to attain the other world – Haru twice says “Ow, I hurt!”

Haru obtained a world where peers do not exist: “I’ve never felt so at home”

The naive girl says: “Something watching me is creepy”

The Cat Kingdom desires Haru for her purity – her “belief in herself” – her arrogance – a world that seeks to corrupt Haru and she the all-too-willing all-too-ready to be corrupted.

“Lovely” “Delicate” – the Cat Bureau calls her “fetching”

They put fish in front of her – Knowing she’s not a cat.

They send her cat gifts – knowing she’s not a cat.

They pretend that the entertainment was poor and that is why she is crying – ignoring the real reason.

The failed entertainer looks to the king as if to remind him – the king obliges by killing him.

By “believe in who you are” he means “believe in who you were” – since all of these fables end with the hero untouched except for wisdom in the experience

This is said to be noble? – As the King offers opposition in debauchery, endless feasting and belching the Baron’s svelte commanding frame, completely self-composed, completely self-encased, dances with Haru.

Why did Haru not recognize the Baron? It was obvious from the first moment who he was.

The executioners and the guards – both ready and on-call – as if expecting their use – as if a common occurrence.

Haru is most attracted to the Baron when he is touching her and helping her – carrying her when she gets tired, dancing with her.

Why are princes impressive and kings decadent?

Haru took pity on the dirty, and is happy at the beautiful.

When Haru says “I am so happy for you” and hugs the cat she means “I am so happy for me” – that she doesn’t have to marry the prince.

Movie shows Haru’s life afterwards – so much happier, more self-composed, self-confident… as if this whole process, this whole fantasy, exists only to achieve this.

The Three Laws of Robotics

June 20, 2006

Wow… amazingly dumb laws. The first one, robots can't harm humans, is pretty much impossible, since even human experts can't determine what comprises harm to a human. Mental, psychological, physical, etc… good luck working that one out, roboto!

The second one is even worse. A robot has to obey orders given by humans? HELLO… multiple orders that the robot can't fulfill under the conditions of the order… HELLO, orders that conflict with each other… no chance of success there.

Protect its own existence? HELLO… existence is dynamic! What type of existence is the robot supposed to be protecting?… its metal frame?… the three laws of robotics as fulfilled by him?… the definition of humanity that gave rise to the three laws?

What happens when the robot realizes the impossibly of obeying any of the laws? Maybe there's a secret Fourth Law of Robotics: Forget the first Three Laws.

Why Disney loves Studio Ghibli

June 20, 2006

It was unsettling to me to see Disney pimp Studio Ghibli on the Spirited Away DVD… and not just for the obvious condescension. Modern American culture worships Japan. In Japan, everything is fragile and near to breaking. So precious. So beautiful! So small and humble, these Japanese! Nothing like the loud obnoxious Americans! Tinkle twinkle crystal, not boom boom with a brute gun!

 So the story goes that America is corrupt and Disney, while doing their best to counter that corruption with good clean family fun with MORALS to hand out to the innocent children otherwise doomed to a life of empty decadence, is for all their best intentions soiled by *contact* with this awful America. Enter the Savior, Wonder Japan with their Wonderful Studio Ghibli! So bright, so cheerful, so rich in loving detail! Go go Studio Ghibli!

 As I examine some of Studio Ghibli's work, however, I'm amazed by the similarity in stories and themes between them and Disney… almost as if they are sharing the same playbook. Humans as corrupt, animals as pure and innocent (and with lessons to aid human innocence), amnesia as a means of renewal, self-righteousness, naiveity, the arrogance of the outsider. This makes total sense since Japan and America share the same base modern culture, but why then does Disney promote Studio Ghibli if they are merely a Japanese version of Disney? Is Disney THAT self-centered?

 Studio Ghibli: The Disney of the Far East! All hail Studio Ghibli!

The Nerd as Modern Ascetic

June 19, 2006

Asceticism arrived under the radar of a culture which seemed to oppose it: the jock who lives by the sword fought the ethereal nerd. It was a sad day for the ladies, who played up to their stereotype by fucking the jock when he was the cool, then turning to some nerd love. Ah, lost opportunities… maybe next time.

On Blasphemy in Modern Life

June 16, 2006

Blasphemy has taken a front-and-center role in American politics with the rise of the Neocons' blasphemous take on truth and the New Conservatives' defense of truth. I wonder what repercussions drawing that sort of line will have… American culture is fueled by blasphemy as a means of attaining personal liberty… the New Conservative argues that a line must be drawn to preserve society. It seems we are moving toward more conservative and respectful times.

A Reply to RepoMan from ‘Big Rod in “Epically Long RPG”‘

June 13, 2006

RepoMan wrote:
Or wait, no. Each individual combat is a sex act, and you're always the victor / fucker. And each fuck makes you grow in hedonistic magnitude.
Hmm, it's certainly a demented perspective… but its explanatory value is overwhelmed by its shock value. It also fundamentally posits that any pastime that involves 1) progressive power fantasies and 2) time spent alone is fundamentally about nothing but individual pleasure. And finally it assumes that individual pleasure is a fundamentally subhuman (or at least not worthwhile) goal.

The Reload Function allows you to win nearly every battle, and allows you to avoid losing every battle (you can reload and run away if you can't win the fight). It makes for zero negative consequences other than an increase in the amount of time you spend at a task and whatever importance you place on your personal pride at a lack of using reloads.
Where we disagree is on individual pleasure. My point is that levelling systems offer a FALSE kind of individual pleasure… an empty kind. My suggestions… the type of RPG that I have promoted on Qt3, is still about individual pleasure… but its introducing genuine pleasure… a pleasure we can be happy with.

The Destruction of Traditional News

June 12, 2006

I don't really care when people die by accident or non-human event. I care when its someone I know, but its almost never someone I know. I care insofar as their death relates to my life, but it rarely does. Accidents are random and relatively uncontrollable… making them uninteresting.

The news is so cynical today because it assumes that humans have no will, thus there is no true meaning behind their actions, thus there IS no news. Since there is no collective will, no society and in turn no news (beyond irrational fear-mongering), news becomes a play-pen with individual power-grabs and staged bickering. Traditional news has become a shadow of its former self as it sickly parodies the truth it doesn't believe exists.

The Limitation of Stephen Colbert

June 11, 2006

This might equally be called "The Limitation of the New Conservative".

The New Conservative, a Postmodern offshoot, is the Sane Man in an Insane World. Specifically, he attacks the modern emphasis on the blind faith in progress, decadence, and humanism. Always introspective, he seeks to take two steps back and examine with an eye toward destruction this "Insane World". As he sees the world being out of control, his fundamental goal is to put it back in control. Unlike Fascism, however, he seeks "Control for the People", and his method is to empower the individual to reshape their own reality. He loves to display injustice, irony, intolerance, anything that shows a corrupt or indifferent world. SEE, SEE, SEE, he cries out… you need the New Conservative!

The limitation is, of course, just that. If the world is not corrupt, not indifferent, not ascetic, then there is no point… no need for the New Conservative and modern life can continue.

A constant fear of the New Conservative is Fascism, since it offers an alternative method of achieving a New World Order, albeit a method New Conservatives find appalling. New Conservatives, however, would say that if they fail, Fascism might be the next best alternative. Two sides of the same coin…

For that reason, Fascism will exist until such a time that the New Conservative succeeds in destroying Modernity.

Stephen Colbert focuses on the decadent nature of modernity with respect to truth. The denial of truth as expressed by the Neocons (among others) is the current ultimate in blasphemy, according to the New Conservative the final outrage of Modernity. The Neocons are pursuing the overcoming of truth by the Will (or pretending to pursue it, given their incompetence)… we may discover that the Neocons are mere patsies designed to make the New Conservative look good… the rise of the New Conservative after all is owed largely to the clownish performance of the Neocons.

The problem with sanity is that its boring, and the New Conservative however much it admires sanity doesn't solve that particular problem. So it may create its individualistic New World Order, but there is no proof of anything impressive as a result.

Chickens too have vaginas

June 11, 2006

To exert what remnants remain of my heterosexuality, I will now henpeck this female chicken.

This Blog stuff is so fucking gay

June 11, 2006

And its rubbed off on me. As a result of this blog, I am now irredeemably homosexual.